Let The Right One In TV Show Pilot Ordered By TNT

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Lately, it seems like almost every other day a new TV series based on a popular film is in the works. While this trend is still building momentum, it’s hard to say exactly whether or not it will be viewed as an overall success. Some of the biggest upcoming film adaptations to the small screen like Rambo and The Exorcist have still not arrived, leaving plenty of room for conjecture and hype.

While horror films have been a steady target of this growing process, it hasn’t always been a successful transition. Now in its second season, MTV’s Scream series has found mixed results and The CW’s Friday the 13th series was recently dropped based on its pilot. Serial killers just don’t seem to be getting the viewer numbers that supernatural terrors like those of Ash vs. Evil Dead have found. Perhaps that’s why the latest choice for the film to TV jump involves vampires.

Deadline is reporting that TNT has ordered a pilot based on Swedish author John Ajvide Lindqvist’s book-turned-successful-film Let The Right One In. Despite the international acclaim of the 2008 film, the TNT series will draw from the original source material – though rather than keep the novel’s setting in Sweden, the TNT adaptation will see its tale unfold in a small Vermont town.

Let The Right One In tells the tale of a young loner who is mercilessly bullied at school. When he meets his new neighbor – a strange girl who looks to be his age – the two forge a strong friendship based around a shared status as social outcasts. As time passes, the boy learns that his friend isn’t the young girl he thought she was, but rather a centuries old vampire whose powers and need for blood are not to be underestimated. As a film, Let The Right One In was remade in 2010 for American audiences as Let Me In and starred Chloë Grace Moretz.

Let The Right One In

As a TV series, Let The Right One In has the right mixture of romance, horror, and suspense that makes for quality storytelling. In other words, the property lends itself to being adapted – it’s the ability of those doing the adapting on which success or failure of the pilot (and the series, should it be greenlit) will ultimately rest. Hardcore fans of the novel and its original film would likely give a series the benefit of the doubt, in much the same way as they did the 2010 remake. This means that in order for TNT to maintain LTROI’s built-in fanbase, the series really would have its work cut out for itself.

TNT is undoubtedly aware of the fanbase associated with Let The Right One In, but at the same time the series would present the opportunity to capitalize on the continuous popularity of vampires. A decent vampire-based TV series with depth could bring in far more viewers than the pre-existing Let The Right One In fanbase anyway - should the hardcore fans decide the series isn’t for them. If TNT could succeed with both markets however, they’d have quite the hit on their hands.

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Source: Deadline

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