'Let Me In' Trailer Raises Expectations

let me in trailer

Overture Films has debuted the first (international) trailer for the upcoming remake Let Me In, which is based on the terrific Swedish-language film Let the Right One In.

If you aren't familiar with the original, the story - which the remake seems to follow pretty closely - is about a morose little boy who's getting bullied at school. One day some new neighbors move in next door to him, a man and a girl around his age (or so it seems). However, he starts to notice weird things about the girl, including that she only comes out at night.

I think you can guess what the big "secret" about the girl is, but in case you've still not figured it out I don't want to be the one to spoil it for you. Anyway, check out the first trailer for Let Me In below, and you'll be glad to know it looks pretty damn good:


As a big fan of Let the Right One In (as was fellow Screen Rant writer Kofi Outlaw), I was obviously very wary (if not downright infuriated) when I heard that they were going to make an English-language version less than a year after the Swedish film's release - so that English-speaking people who don't want to read subtitles can watch the film in their native tongue.

However, my pensiveness started to subside when I heard about the writer/director, Matt Reeves and the cast, which includes Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road), Chloë Moretz (Kick-Ass) and Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers). However, it's taken this first trailer to really get me on-board.

Now granted, there are some issues to be discussed, particularly if you're a fan of the original Swedish film. For instance, the tone is quite a bit different this time (or perhaps it was just the trailer that made it seem more of a fast-paced film than the original?) and I don't really like the emphasis on the police investigation.

But those issues aside, they seem to be including a lot of the key moments of the original film, from the first attack scene under the bridge to the fire scene in the hospital (I still get shudders thinking about the latter moment). I have to say overall I'm digging what I'm seeing so far from this remake. And if early reviews are anything to go by, I'm right to feel that way.

What about you? Any fellow Let the Right One In fans think the remake looks pretty good? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Let Me In sinks its teeth into audiences on October 1st, 2010.

Source: YouTube (via Deadline)

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