Let It Be Untrue! JLA To Be In 'Photo-Real' CGI?

Am I alone here? Does anybody else see the major flaw of so-called 'photo-real' CGI? Aren't Pixar films more 'realistic' than these kind of extended video game cut-scenes? I'm sorry... let me backtrack a little.

A strong rumor has surfaced to suggest the upcoming Justice League of America film from Warner Bros. may be shot as a motion capture CGI film, similar to Robert Zemeckis' The Polar Express, upcoming Beowulf and James Cameron's much talked about Avatar. Sure, it settles the issue of casting, with Christian Bale and Brandon Routh not really needed. Sure, it allows a scope that regular live action might not be capable of pulling off within a budget. But, seriously people - don't you find this kind of 'animation' distracting?

Let's get one thing straight: 'photo-real' is not photorealistic. Watching the trailers for Beowulf, I feel as though I'm watching a video game trailer. What appears to be live action one moment suddenly switches to a bizarre Star Wars prequel-esque, gaseous reality. Rather than being wowed and amazed by great animation, I instead find myself viewing the image as live action with bad (or all-too-obvious) special effects.

I say leave animated films to Pixar and abstract CGI artistry to films like Sin City and 300. If you want real life, do real life.

The human eye can tell the difference, you know.


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