Leprechaun Returns Sequel Coming to Syfy in 2019

On St. Patrick's Day, Syfy surprise released a creeped-out trailer announcing Leprechaun Returns, a brand-new installment of the cult-favorite Leprechaun franchise. The 41-second clip promises the pint-sized antagonist will be back to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting civilians in his ruthless pursuit of treasure. "My fingers are itching, I’m killing for more," he crows delightedly. "Why, let’s try our luck and bet on me gold. If it lands on tails, I’ll do as me told; but heads? I’ll start a new killing spree.”

Directed by Steven Kostanski (The Void)Leprechaun Returns will premiere March 2019 on Syfy with a script penned by Suzanne Keilly (Ash vs Evil Dead). Taylor Spreitler (Kevin Can Wait) leads the cast, and the film will co-star Pepi Sonuga, Sai Bennett, and Linden Porco as the titular leprechaun. (He'll replace Warwick Davis, who originated the role.) Mark Holton, a co-star in the original film, will return to the series to play Ozzie, the lovable nerd who was almost felled by the green menace in the franchise's first installment.

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According to Syfy Wire, the film takes place 25 years after the gruesome events of the 1993 film, in which the evil green elf left a trail of eviscerated bodies in his wake as he searched for his pot of gold. Whereas the '93 film found him terrorizing a certain Tory Redding (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston, in a role she'd likely prefer to forget), Leprechaun Returns will follow the green goblin as he menaces a group of hapless sorority girls, who accidentally awaken the little monster as they noisily construct a brand-new sorority house.

Leprechaun Returns, the eighth film in the series, will ignore all the antics in Leprechaun: Origins, the 2014 attempt at a reboot that starred Dylan Posti (better known by his wrestling name, Hornswoggle). The fact that Keilly is writing the script is a promising development, considering her work on STARZ's Ash vs. Evil Dead so effectively balances comedy with gory set pieces.

Time will tell whether the new script acknowledges either Leprechaun in the Hood (2000) or Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003), in which the demon gruesomely murders several hip-hop artists in his mad quest for a magic flute. (At one point, he even throws down a truly terrifying rap of his own, including the immortal line: "I hate to resort so soon to magic/Haven't been laid in so long it's tragic.") No matter how the latest installment plays out, we're confident it will be more assured than 1997's direct-to-video horror-comedy calamity Leprechaun 4: In Space.

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Leprechaun Returns premieres in March 2019 on Syfy.

Source: Syfy

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