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In the wake of the news that Leonardo DiCaprio starring in the Joker origin movie would be Warner Bros.' pip-dream, digital artist BossLogic has delivered a fan art rendering - giving us a better idea of what Leo as the psychopath comic book villain could look like.

DiCaprio is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, an extremely recognizable face that's become synonymous with quality performances and projects. Therefore, when the news broke that he's the "dream pick" for the Joker origin movie that Warner Brothers and DC are working on, there were mixed reactions. For one, the film might be produced by Martin Scorsese, who is Leo's go-to director since the two worked together on Gangs of New York in 2002. Plus, DiCaprio has shown himself to be a versatile actor through the years, making him a not-too-outlandish choice for the role. But is it possible that he's too famous for the role, given how important it is that audiences see the Joker as a harbinger of destruction and not just another actor playing the character?

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If you're having a little trouble visualizing what DiCaprio as the Joker would look like, famed digital artist Boss Logic has put together a bit of concept rendering of what Leo would look like as the Clown Prince of Crime. Courtesy of Comic BookBossLogic's take on the potential casting (see the image below) mixes several of the previous iterations of the character. All made-up and psychopathically evil, DiCaprio looks like an amalgamation of the other adaptations of the infamous villain that have come before him.

At first glance, the rendering most evokes the menace and anarchist look of Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knightright down to the colors used to bring the image to life. It's important to note that their are several differences, as the hairstyle is more in line with the comic book character or even Suicide Squad's version played by Jared Leto. The creepy smile in the image certainly evokes classic Joker.

It's important to note that this DiCaprio news came courtesy of a feature piece by The Hollywood Reporter and is not official news, but merely insider talk about the studio's intention. The chances of DiCaprio joining the project are "slim to none," and in fact, Scorsese is not officially attached to the project yet either. What we do know about the Joker origin story for sure is that it's set to be be directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover trilogy, War Dogs) and is separate from the DC Extended Universe. There are many fans weary of the idea already, and others may well be confused by the out-of-universe approach. Still, keep checking Screen Rant for more news on this Joker origin film, including who Warner Brothers is able to actually land for the lead role.

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Source: Comic Book

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