Leonardo DiCaprio May Accept 'The Creed of Violence'

An offer to star in the western-style thriller, 'The Creed of Violence', has reportedly been sent out to Leonardo DiCaprio. Read on for more details about the project.

Leonardo DiCaprio is keeping busy as ever, with word now circulating that he could add another project to his docket: The Creed of Violence, an adaptation of the western-style 2010 novel written by Boston Teran.

Multiple Academy Award-nominated actor/filmmaker Todd Field (In the Bedroom, Little Children) is attached to both adapt and direct the big screen version of Teran's book. The project has been in the works for several years, but progress would definitely pick up should someone of DiCaprio's stature sign on.

The Creed of Violence tells the tale of Rawbone, a hard-edged assassin who is caught smuggling weapons during the Mexican revolution of 1910. His lawyer strikes a deal that grants Rawbone immunity, so long as he accompanies Bureau of Investigations agent John Lourdes on a covert mission to infiltrate the Mexican underground crime world. However, there's more to the deal than meets the eye, as Lourdes (unknown to everyone but himself) is actually Rawbone's son.

According to 24 Frames, DiCaprio has been offered the chance to play either Rawbone or Lourdes in Field's film adaptation. Depending on which (if either) part he accepts, Creed of Violence could pair DiCaprio opposite a young up-and-coming actor or against an older, more experienced veteran of the screen.

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Period pieces are an old hat for DiCaprio at this point (see: Gangs of New York, Shutter Island, etc.), but he's got a handful of intriguing ones due to arrive over the next couple of years. This fall he'll be starring as the namesake of Clint Eastwood's biographical drama, J. Edgar; DiCaprio will also be portraying the title character in Baz Luhrmann's cinematic adaptation of The Great Gatsby, in the relatively near future.

Arguably the most-anticipated (and controversial) upcoming role for DiCaprio will be that of a vicious slave owner  in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, another western-flavored title. Should he also accept the role of Rawbone in Creed of Violence, the onetime Titanic heartthrob could start to make a name for himself playing villains in old-fashioned western adventures.

DiCaprio often plays characters who walk (and occasionally, cross over) the fine line between criminal and law-abiding type, but his last turn as an unrepentant bad guy was back in 1998, with The Man in the Iron Mask. It would be a nice change of pace to see DiCaprio go all-out and try his hand at being more of an unadulterated villain in his next couple of films. Of course, if he accepts the part of Lourdes, that would pave the way for an accomplished elder actor (ie. someone of Eastwood's status) to play the no-good Rawbone instead. Either way, DiCaprio joining this project reads as a good thing.

We'll let you know if DiCaprio signs on for The Creed of Violence, when more information has been released.

Source: LA Times

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