Leonard Nimoy Hints at 'Fringe' Return

Leonard Nimoy Fringe Return

Just a few months into Leonard Nimoy’s retirement from acting and the famed actor is now set to return to Fringe and reprise is role as the mysterious William Bell.

As fans of the series know, William Bell was last seen providing a portal back into the original world for Walter, Peter, and the rest of the Fringe team. Considering Bell’s ability to travel between worlds, his molecular structure was weakened and did not survive the final transition – or so we thought.

In a short Twitter message, Leonard Nimoy revealed both that William Bell may not be as dead as everyone thought and that retirement is merely a word, one that can be prefixed with an “un“ at any moment.

"Plans developing for a William Bell return to Fringe. Stay tuned. LLAP"

Tagged with Nimoy’s famous phrase “live long and prosper” (LLAP), this message will most certainly have Fringe fans excited to see how and why Nimoy will return as Bell. While a full-on return is unlikely – especially since Nimoy’s cameos on Fringe have always been short – it does present some interesting questions.

Considering Nimoy is retired from acting, does saying that “William Bell” is returning mean that someone else could be playing the character – perhaps a young William Bell? If that is the case, why would Nimoy discuss it, as he obviously has more important things to do than discuss something he has zero involvement with.

If Nimoy’s message means what everyone hopes it does, he'll return to acting and appear on Fringe, how is that going to happen? Considering William Bell is dead, there will either have to be another William Bell or perhaps a vision, memory or some other fantastical premise.

Walter Bishop - "Fringe"

Whatever that premise may be and however William Bell is returning to the series, it looks like Fringe will continue to dominate its Friday night line-up. Hopefully this is a sign that the series will be returning for a fourth season – along with Lie To Me. Perhaps a Lie To Me & Fringe Friday night lineup.


Fringe airs Friday @8pm, on FOX

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