Leonard Nimoy Returns to 'Fringe' this Friday

Leonard Nimoy returns to Fringe in Friday's episode

Everyone's favorite science officer/inter-dimensional billionaire returns to Fringe in this Friday's episode. Leonard Nimoy will be back for the first time since the Season 2 finale.

Danger: Mild Fringe Season 3 spoilers ahead, Captain.

Fringe has been on hiatus for three weeks now, giving fans a chance to relax after the surprising and welcome news of the show's Season 4 renewal. When last we saw our gang of FBI agents and consultants, Olivia had been possessed by the disembodied spirit of William Bell (Nimoy) who was working with Walter to find a way to occupy a more permanent host.

While the character returned, Nimoy didn't - instead actress Anna Torv gave her best Ambassador Spock impression. But the occupation somehow went wrong and Olivia/Bell collapsed. According to the promos released by Fox, Walter and Peter must find a way into Olivia's mind - through hard work, tenacity, and good old-fashioned lysergic acid diethylamide.

Check out the preview that aired after the last episode below:


It's hard not to see shades of Inception peeking through the preview - not that Fringe is any stranger to altered states of consciousness. With Olivia's brain in a state of double occupancy, the mad science team will need to modify their tank trick for something like a mental conference call.

Agent Dunham's not the only one they'll find down the rabbit hole. Doctor Bell himself will make an appearance... of some kind. Don't say he didn't warn you. You can see the achingly brief teaser here:

The quick interviews with the main cast are dodgy at best. What does Blair Brown mean by "different forms than you've seen them in before"? We'll find out Friday night.

Meanwhile, in the alternate universe, Fauxlivia is dealing with a brand new set of family trouble. There's only four episodes left in the season, which should mean that Friday's episode will take place in the primary universe,  next week's will be 'over there', and (a guess) the final two will set up a cliffhanger for the beginning of season 4.

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Fringe airs Friday nights at 9PM on Fox. The last four episodes will play over the next month, with the finale on May 6th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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