Len Wiseman Confirmed As Escape From New York Director

As a fan, I am of two minds on the idea of one of my favorite movies getting redone.

In my heart, Kurt Russell forever wears an eye-patch, mullet, and multiple days growth of a beard. I have always hoped they would do the rumored Escape from Earth storyline with Kurt in his signature role. That being said, if they have to recast the role of Snake Plissken, Gerard Butler is a pretty good choice. He was awesome as Leonidas in 300 and I enjoyed him as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera. I think he is a rising star right now and his name attached to any project creates some interest for me.

John Carpenter has directed some of my favorite cult movies, The Thing (itself a remake), Big Trouble in Little China, Escape from New York, and They Live. Unfortunately, he has also directed some real stinkers. I don't think he is a director whose movies shouldn't be remade, he isn't exactly Hitchcock or Spielberg. Len Wiseman, although fairly new to the director scene, has shown that he can put out a good action flick. Plus, John Carpenter will be involved and is said to be producing the remake. This sounds like it could be really good if handled right.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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