Len Wiseman Wants Colin Farrell to Star in 'Total Recall' Remake

There are good Arnold Schwarzenegger movies—Terminator, Predator, True Lies—and then there are bad Arnold Schwarzenegger movies—Jingle All the Way, Batman and Robin, End of Days—and Total Recall, directed by Paul Verhoeven is most definitely the former. Unfortunately, as with every other 1980s movie you’ve ever cherished, Total Recall is being remade, this time with a script by Kurt Wimmer (Equilibrium). Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) is attached to direct and Neil Moritz (Fast and Furious) and Original Film are set to produce.

Now, word on the street is that Colin Farrell is the frontrunner to star as Douglas Quaid, the character originally portrayed by Schwarzenegger.

Based on the Philip K. Dick story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, Total Recall is about average joe and construction worker Douglas Quaid, whose reoccurring dream of traveling to Mars encourages him to buy said dream, virtual reality-style, from a company that implants memories into your head. The memory-implantation reminds Quaid who he really is—Hauser, a badass secret agent with an old score to settle on Mars. Or is that also a dream? One big, virtual reality-inspired dream? (That’s right, Inception fans—Total Recall did it first! That is, if you don’t count The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Wizard of Oz, Dallas Season Eight, Newhart…)

Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid (Previously Arnold Schwarzenegger) in Total Recall

Besides Farrell, other actors on Len Wiseman’s shortlist are Tom Hardy (Inception) and Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds). Tom Hardy seems an especially unlikely option, considering he’s currently shooting This Means War (for McG) and will reteam with Christopher Nolan for Batman 3 this spring/summer. Then again, Fassbender has a full plate, too, with X-Men: First Class currently, Shame after that, and potentially The Hobbit after that - if rumors are to be believed.

The original Total Recall was a fantastic movie, thanks primarily to Paul Verhoeven’s unique vision, with awesomely weird special effects that set the film apart from a typical science-fiction/action movie of the 1980s. Besides spy action and intrigue on the red planet, the movie had a super-smart mutant baby that popped out of his twin brother’s stomach, three-breasted Martian hookers, robot cabbies, eye-bugging head implosions due to atmospheric pressure changes, some truly masterful Arnold one-liners, and this hilarious and surprising disguise in the form of a giant redheaded woman:

I find it difficult to believe that Kurt Wimmer and Len Wiseman can bring something as bizarrely original to the big screen, but I suppose stranger things have happened. This is actually only the second 80s sci-fi/action movie remake Wiseman has been attached to direct. He was previously set to helm Escape From New York, another one of my cherished favorites, starring Gerard Butler as the epitome of Americanism, Snake Plissken, but that fell through. What is it about remaking classic 80s movies that really entices Wiseman? I love them, too, Len, but that’s why I own them on DVD.

Len Wiseman recently directed the pilot for Hawaii Five-0, a remake of the popular 1980s television show. Meanwhile, Colin Farrell just finished filming the Fright Night remake, which is set to hit theaters August 19th, 2011. Either I’m going crazy here or almost every fictional piece of entertainment being released these days is a remake of something else. Honestly, I kind of hope I'm just going crazy.

No word yet on when Total Recall might begin shooting, but as soon as we know, so will you.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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