15 Coolest LEGO Superhero Sets Ever

The Lego brand became the world’s largest toy company by revenue in 2015, with sales over $2.1 billion, and those little multi-colored bricks have solidified their place in toy culture, and are beloved the world over. It’s hard to imagine a world without these bricks, as they’ve helped artists, engineers, architects, and bored children for years.

Lego has also been creating replicas of famous scenes/vehicles from popular films for many years now, and superhero-related merchandise is no exception. There have been hundreds of great comic book related Lego sets, but some of them have stood above the rest. With the recent decade solidifying itself as the “golden age” of superhero films, and with animation and comic books having their own pull on pop culture, Lego has been doubling down on the comic book related sets. From heroic scenes to villainous hideouts, here are the 15 Coolest LEGO Superhero Sets Ever.


15 Batman v Superman: Heroes of Justice, Sky High Battle

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a film that seemed to split the world in half. It had its detractors, but it also had its fair share of fans. Regardless of how the film was received, the merchandising team did manage to put out some amazing collectibles, most of it featuring the famous DC trinity. This LEGO set features Batman’s batwing, and Lex Luthor’s LexCorp helicopter, along with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman working to take the helicopter down.

At 517 pieces, the set is a pretty decent size, and it’s not nearly as expensive as most popular film Lego sets. With the inclusion of all three heroes, this set is a great collector’s item for any DC comic fan. The LexCorp helicopter doesn’t actually come into contact with the batwing in the film, or any other hero besides Superman, for that matter, but the batwing was included in perhaps the greatest scene in the whole movie - the impressive warehouse scene. This is definitely a must-have for all those who were fond of Zack Snyder’s impressive film.

14 Avengers: Quinjet Aerial Battle


The Avengers film blew everyone out of the water when it first hit the big screens. And even though the movie isn’t perfect, it correctly represented the Avengers from the comics and was a blast for audiences. This LEGO set is a decent size at 735 pieces, and it includes the famous Quinjet that the Avengers use, Loki’s chariot, and a foot soldier as well. The set also includes Iron Man, Black Widow, and Thor, and is an impressive toy for any Marvel fan.

This would also be a great addition for anyone who wants to recreate the battle of New York that takes place in the climax of the film. The Quinjet included in the set is also big enough to have every single member of the Avengers standing atop the vehicle. The Quinjet is very impressive with its folding wings, and the cockpit allows for anyone to pilot the jet while sitting on your shelf or desk.

13 Spider-Man Movie: The Final Showdown

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film broke ground in the superhero cinematic world, as it provided one of the greatest superhero origin stories in cinema. The Spider-Man movie featured some truly impressive set pieces, but perhaps the greatest one is when the Green Goblin and Spider-Man fight along the Queensboro Bridge. This is a fairly difficult LEGO set to get your hands on, especially since it was originally in stores 15 years ago, but it's definitely a must own for any superhero film lover.

The set is really intricate, even though it only has 360 parts, and the inclusion of both Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Mary Jane, and a taxi driver really helps you to re-create the famous scene. This would also be yet another Marvel set that would help to fill out the entirety of New York City, and could even be combined with other more modern Marvel sets to create an impressive cityscape.

12 Avenjet Space Mission

This particular Lego set is directly from the comics, not from a film like many of the other sets on this list. This set contains the Avenjet going into outer space to fight the villain Thanos, who’s slated to appear in the upcoming Avengers film, Avengers: Infinity War. This set contains, of course, Captain America and Iron Man, but also contains a few characters we haven’t yet seen in the MCU, like Captain Marvel and Hyperion.

This set is extra special because the Avenjet can split off into a mini-jet, and then combined into an extra-large spacecraft. There are 523 pieces, including a Thanos big fig with his own thrusters to help fight the Avengers. This set is a Marvel comic fan’s dream, and hopefully we’ll be able to see a battle like this (much) further down the road in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is also a rare comic book Lego set because it doesn’t take place on Earth like most of the others. The special space fight is reason enough to pick up this individual set.

11 Man of Steel: Metropolis Showdown

This set is depicting the climactic battle between General Zod and Superman in Zack Snyder’s first entry into the DCEU, Man of Steel. This set isn’t as impressive as many others on this list in terms of quantity of pieces, but it does have an antennae with a catapult and also happens to have a yellow cab with handles so that Superman can cause an extreme amount of collateral damage while taking down General Zod. You can also catapult the cab with the antennae because LEGO allows its customers to recreate even the most impossible of scenarios. This is also an impressive set because it was one of the only (and the best) sets created for the visually inspired film.

Man of Steel was a truly beautiful and moving picture, and although it wasn’t as critically praised as many modern films, it had a great hero to villain dichotomy with Henry Cavill’s Superman and Michael Shannon’s Zod. This particular battle at the end of the movie was one of the greatest fights in the history of superhero movies, and this is a great set to add to your personal LEGO collection.

10 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Milano Spaceship Rescue


The Milano is soon going to become one of the most recognizable space crafts in film thanks to its appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, and having this little piece of memorabilia would be a perfect addition to any LEGO collection. The Milano itself is quite large, and it comes with several mini-figs, including Star Lord, Drax, and Gamora. The set also includes a Necrocraft with mini-figs Ronan and The Sakaaran. Star Lord also comes with his own Hadron enforcer, boot thrusters, and space blasters.

This is actually a fairly impressive vehicle set, as The Milano has an opening and removable cockpit, a fire extinguisher, adjustable wings, a tape recorder, 2 flick missiles, and 2 stud shooters. The Milano craft is also a good size, measuring over 3” tall, 9” long and 15” wide. This is a set that truly captures the magic of the film, and would be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.

9 Dark Knight: The Tumblr

The Dark Knight is almost universally accepted as the greatest comic book film of all time, and Christopher Nolan created not only an accurate portrayal of the Caped Crusader, but also an intense thriller. In Nolan’s realistic portrayal of Batman’s comic world, he needed to introduce the Batmobile in a believable way, and having a car reminiscent of Burton’s Batmobile would be completely out of place. Nolan chose to make a prototype armored tank into the Batmobile for Christian Bale’s batman.

The Tumbler is the most easily identifiable vehicle from Nolan’s trilogy, and with the inclusion of Heath Ledger’s Joker in this set, it has become an almost impossible set to get your hands on. The set sells for north of $300 due to it being discontinued by the manufacturer. The Tumbler is gigantic, with 1,869 pieces, you’ll definitely have to buy a separate desk at work just to hold this thing up. But the quality of this piece makes it a definite must-own.

8 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier

This is easily one of the biggest comic book-based LEGO Sets ever created. At 2,996 pieces, The Avengers Helicarrier is absolutely massive. The set contains five minifigs: Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill. They also all come with a SHIELD eagle stand to display them on.

The set also contains three microscale Quinjets, three fighter jets, a gasoline truck, two forklift trucks, 4 road blockades, and two runways. The set also has a bonus eight SHIELD agents to act as cannon fodder while you’re playing with your heroes. This set, very much like The Dark Knight Tumbler, is sold for over $300 currently, but the sheer size of this spacecraft definitely makes it worth the new loan you’ll have to take out to afford it.

There are many Lego sets from Joss Whedon’s Avengers film, but this is perhaps the most intricate of them all, and with almost 3,000 pieces, it’s a set that will take days to fully put together.

7 The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape

The most famous superhero/sidekick combo, Batman and Robin, deserve to have the best of the best when it comes to Lego sets, and the Dynamic Duo Funhouse gives them just that. The Dynamic Duo funhouse comes wit,h of course, the Clown Prince of Crime himself, along with Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Batman, and his ward, Robin. The set also comes with a Batcycle, and the funhouse itself has wagon rails, a crane, a hammer, an opening trap door, and a moving floor.

Batman has some of the best LEGO sets in history, and this set is definitely near the top when it comes to both quantity and quality. The set is also great because it’s not too big to display, like some of the other larger Batman sets (they’ll appear later in this list). It’s also great to see some of Batman’s Rogues Gallery on display, and the multi-colored funhouse seems to be rife with the Joker’s signature shenanigans.

6 Attack on Avengers Tower


The Avengers Tower is a visual icon in the world of the MCU, and this Lego lets you bring Tony Stark’s genius skyscraper home. The tower itself is unique because it acts almost as a storage area for your minifigures-- and the set itself comes with five. Along with the tower, you receive Ultron Mark I, 2 Iron Legions, Iron Man, and Thor. This set looks to be a blast to play with, and implementing some of the other minifigures from the various outside Marvel sets would be easy, as the Tower can store up to 6 separate figure compartments.

No self-respecting MCU fan would want to be caught dead without Avengers tower acting as a beacon in their room, signaling justice and hours upon hours of master building. The set contains 515 pieces and includes a robot bay, lab with robotic arms, Jarvis control room, lounge, a sick bay with a stretcher, and an analysis room with Loki’s scepter. Based on the events of Joss Whedon’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, this set will make any fan of Whedon’s films foam at the mouth.

5 The Batcave

The Batcave has been continually redefined by LEGO for years now, but perhaps the most impressive version of the cave has to be the Lego Super Heroes Batcave. The reason this set made it so far up on the list, is that it actually has a working elevator that helps to transform Bruce Wayne into his alter ego, Batman. That is easily one of the coolest features to ever debut in a LEGO set, and with the inclusion of a drill, a Batcycle, and numerous gadgets, this set easily earned its #5 spot.

The set has 689 pieces total, and includes five minifigures, Batman, Robin, Bruce Wayne, Poison Ivy, and Bane. The cave itself measures over 21 centimeters tall, and has a holding cell, flick missiles, the bat computer, a chair for batman, and a variety of other gadgets. The Batcycle and Bane’s drill also have missiles on them, and the drill also spins. This would be a wonderful set to put together with a friend or family member, and it seems almost mandatory to do so while watching some Batman: The Animated Series in the background.

4 Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown

The Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown set is based off of Marvel’s animated Ultimate Spider-Man series, and features the world’s favorite web-slinger alongside some of Marvel’s greatest heroes and villains of all time. The set comes with J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Beetle, and Nova minifigures, and contains the Daily Bugle building as well as a jet.

At only 476 pieces, it’s not an over-encumbering set, but it is large enough to keep you building for hours on end. The Daily Bugle itself has a rooftop trapdoor, sign, and window explosion functions, and a spinning web attack. The Jet has a cockpit, anchor hook line, and dual flick missiles (a very popular superhero set feature). The Daily Bugle can also open up and hold many of the minifigures that come with the set, so that you can defend the Bugle from Doctor Doom’s tyranny from absolutely anywhere when you’re on the go.

3 Arkham Asylum Breakout

Arkham Aslyum is the psychiatric hospital that houses many of Batman’s greatest foes, and the Lego Super Heroes Arkham Asylum Breakout set fits all their combined crazy into a single gigantic toy. The toy measures out to be over a foot high, 13” wide, and 5” deep. The asylum features opening cell doors, a special Poison Ivy cell with transparent doors, the Mr. Freeze icy tower room, The Dr. Harleen Quinzel office and changing room, a security reception area, and a medical treatment room. The asylum has eight separate rooms that can accommodate the figures that come included.

In this set, you’ll find Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, and a guard. The set also includes a security gate, and an Arkham security van. It's the perfect set for any Batman merchandise collector, and it’s definitely one of the most well-made Lego sets to ever be created for the Dark Knight.

2 Captain America: Civil War: Super Hero Airport Battle


Captain America: Civil War was a groundbreaking film for Marvel studios. It drew a stark (not a pun) contrast between our two favorite heroes, and it gave us a lot of interesting insight the complexities of superpwers. We were forced to take either Iron Man or Captain America’s side. The film's tension built so wonderfully until everything came crashing down during the airport battle. What is easily one of the greatest choreographed action set pieces in the past decade, the airport battle, was able to give distinct points of view from each of the heroes, including Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther, The Winter Soldier, Ant Man, Scarlett Witch, and War Machine.

This specific set commemorates that tremendous fight scene with numerous heroes (Black Widow was switched out for Agent 13 for unknown reasons), and includes an air traffic control tower, and the Avengers Quinjet. This set is worth your time and money just due to the sheer awe that this specific scene garnered in the theater.

1 Jokerland

The Joker has been matic, psychotic, and at times downright murderous, but he has never been one to take life too seriously. The Joker is always in search of a good time, whether at the expense of Batman, his sidekicks, or an innocent bystander. The Jokerland set brings to life all the amazing aspects of the Clown Prince of Crime, and it also happens to include a classic Batmobile, plus enough traps and gags to fill up three carnivals.

The set has 1,037 pieces and stands a foot tall off the ground, and includes seven minifigures. It includes, of course, The Joker himself, Harley Quinn, Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, Starfire, and Beast Boy. This is the type of superhero set to put all others to shame and, more than any other set on this list, it just seems a blast to both put together and spend hours playing with. This set perfectly represents the strained psyche of the Joker, while also allowing you to have a few dozen laughs along the way. And if that’s not The Joker's intention, then what is?


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