The LEGO Ninjago Movie Comic-Con Trailer: Good & Evil Are Related

The LEGO Ninjago Movie has received a new trailer, following its showing at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. The LEGO Movie was such a success upon its release in 2014, that it spawned a whole world of LEGO movies. The LEGO Batman Movie arrived earlier this year, a spinoff focusing on one of the most popular LEGO Movie characters; a sequel to the original movie will arrive in 2019, and this fall also sees the arrival of The LEGO Ninjago Movie.

LEGO Ninjago is already a hugely popular product line, and has its own TV show to boot. The movie will focus on a group of six ninjas, assembled by Sensei Wu to fight against the dark force of Garmadon. There's just one small problem; Lloyd, one of the leading ninjas, is the son of the evil Garmadon, and there's some serious father/ son issues there. While the Ninjago TV series is certainly enjoyable enough for children, The LEGO Ninjago Movie is packed full of humor that works on multiple levels; something that has become a trademark of all the LEGO movies thus far. From Emmett's sunny outlook on life, to Batman's obsession with all thing black or very, very dark gray, LEGO knows how to appeal to a broad audience, and it's the little things in the trailer that make us all smile; the pronunciation of Lloyd being one.

Following on from a very amusing first LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer and various LEGO Ninjago Movie character posters, the second LEGO Ninjago Movie trailer made its debut at SDCC 2017 (see the video above). A new poster for the film has also been released online, as you can see below:

The movie features the voice talents of Jackie Chan, as Sensei Wu, along with Olivia Munn, Dave Franco, and Justin Theroux as the main villain, Garmadon. The LEGO Ninjago Movie is directed by Bob Logan and Paul Fisher, as well as Charlie Bean, and the screenplay was written by Hilary Winston in collaboration with Logan and Fisher. LEGO Movie series producer Roy Lee has said that fans will be “blown away by the look and feel and huge scope of how we’ve expanded the universe of Ninjago.”

That much is certainly evidenced in the LEGO Ninjago Movie SDCC trailer. The film's sets and characters might be LEGO, but they're still impressive and it really does look as though The LEGO Ninjago Movie will be a thoroughly enjoyable movie; kids will definitely enjoy the grand scale of things and the villains - which, being made from LEGO, shouldn't hold too much of a threat for the very smallest of moviegoers. Coupled with the release of the film, expect to see a wide range of related LEGO Ninjago merchandise become available, along with possibly more TV episodes and even more Ninjago movies in the future (if this one is successful enough).

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Key Release Dates
  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017) release date: Sep 22, 2017
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