Warner Bros. Building A LEGO Movie

You may as well go through your entire childhood memories, rifle through the favorite toys you used to play with and mentally label each and every one with "Movie coming soon." I already started doing that a while ago with classic movies, then TV shows, and now it's toys and board games. With the likes of Stretch Armstrong, Monopoly, Candyland, Asteroids, View-Master (I know!), Battleship and what seems like an endless amount of others, we can now add LEGO to the list of toy movies in the works.

Warner Bros. is reportedly on the road to making a movie out of the popular and well known "construction toy" we all know as LEGO (technically its trademarked in capital letters). A couple of writers have already been found to pen the script, in the form of Dan and Kevin Hageman (both newcomers). The plot for the adaptation is being kept firmly under wraps by WB, but it's described as a family comedy that will mix both live action and animation.

Umm, okay...

Terminator Salvation and The Departed exec producer, Dan Lin, will produce through his Lin Pictures, along with Roy Lee through his Vertigo banner. If you're wondering if WB is going off on their own for this one, they're not: VP of licensing and entertainment for the LEGO company will oversee things for the toy company. Ya' know, probably to make sure the brand doesn't get ruined.

Apparently, various different directors and producers have been trying to get a LEGO movie made for a few years now. But it's not until now it's gone ahead because the Danish company is so protective of the brand (the only movies have been straight-to-DVD animated movies based on its Bionic line). So what made the company cave in? Well, apparently they trust Lin and the Hageman brothers to embrace the, "fun factor, creativity and that imagination that has no boundaries." The writers have apparently being going back and forth to Denmark for the last while having meetings with LEGO execs about the movie concept (that's execs of the company, not actually execs made out of LEGO :P ).

As much as a LEGO movie automatically gets grouped in with all the rest, "What the hell are they going to make out of it?" toy and board game movies, it actually makes quite a bit of sense from a business perspective (after all, the movies is a business): Not only does it have the worldwide built-in recognition that the studio can play off with marketing and such, but it also has the success of the franchise based toy lines and video games such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman. I'm betting you'll even see a new LEGO toy line based off of the LEGO movie when it comes out (you just wait and see).

And undoubtedly, the recent success of toy-based properties like Transformers (and even G.I. Joe to some extent) played a part in the decision to take LEGO from the toy box to the big-screen...

However, putting the business aspect to one side and looking at it from a moviegoer point of view, this is, as I said, just the same as almost every other one of these toy and board game-based movies. My very first thought when reading this news was that they'll have no problem getting people aware of the movie since the brand LEGO is known all over the world, but that they're going to have to come up with a doozy of a plot for it to work well and not just come off as cheesy. They say it's going to be some sort of family comedy that mixes live-action and animation, which ALREADY sounds silly to me.

I must admit, however, I'm curious to see how this one turns out. Is there a chance it could be something decent? Well, there's always that chance. But I'm going to trust my instinct on this one and say that it'll be pretty lame.

What do you think of a LEGO movie being in the works? How does this rank up with the rest of the "WTF?" toy and board games movie that are being made?

Source: Variety

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