'Lego' Movie Producer Talks Plot Ideas

Back in August we reported on the fact that a movie was being developed based on the popular "construction toy," LEGO. We knew at the time that two writers had already been found to write the script, in the form of Dan and Kevin Hageman (both newcomers), and that it's being made as a family comedy done with a mix of live-action and animation.

Fast-forward to almost the end of the year and we have our first update on the LEGO movie, from producer Dan Lin (Terminator Salvation). He's a busy man, with 15 projects in the pipeline (including LEGO), and the guys over at Collider managed to talk with him at length about all the projects he has on his slate. He described two films as moving forward the quickest: one is a film called Gangster Squad and the other is the LEGO "adaptation."

Let's just concentrate on the latter...

Lin said that they've talked to a few directors about helming the movie, although they haven't pinned one down yet. They've done some tests (presumably mixing the live-action and animation) at a studio called Blur and he says it turned out great. He was clearly a big fan of LEGO as a kid (weren't we all?), and he describes it as embodying, "kind of the most important values for me as a creative person - imagination and creativity."

Although he obviously (at this early stage) didn't want to give any of the plot away, "until we announce it," Lin did discuss the different directions they could take the project:

"I don’t want to give away too much about the story just yet until we publicly announce it, but I will tell you what you mentioned…what’s great about Lego is the worlds. There’s all these different worlds. Space, pirates, Viking world, so it allows a director to play in a lot of different worlds. What it also... naturally the toy doesn’t have any characters as you know besides the licensed product, there’s no character. There’s a spaceman but there’s no personality to the spaceman. And that’s intentional because when Lego designs its toys they want you as the player-the child- they want the player to bring and create the character themselves.

So that’s what we’re working on with the movie right now. I would say there are several Lego characteristics that we’re trying to build into the movie. Their company motto is only the best is good enough. So they’ve raised a very high bar for the movie. Something else we’ve talked about with them is never the same toy twice. You know, with Legos you build per the instructions and then you break it apart and build something else on your own with your own creativity. So, for us, Superglue is evil in the world of Lego. It’s all about building what your mind wants you to build, what your imagination allows you to build."

So Superglue is the villain? :P ...

Other things Lin revealed were that the Danish toy company behind LEGO are very involved in the adaptation process, from choosing the writer to approving certain things to be included; the movie will most likely PG rated; and he hopes for the project to take off in 2010.

If you're interested in Lins other project, Gangster Squad, you can head over to Collider (be sure to check back in on them throughout the week as they'll be putting up more of their interview with Lin about other projects).

As I said when this project was announced - even though this still sounds like a totally ridiculous and silly idea for a movie, I'm still must admit I'm quite curious to see how it turns out (certainly more than some of the other toy and board game-based movies out there). There's always an outside chance they'll blow us all away with a new family-friendly modern classic, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that won't be the case. We'll see.

Thoughts on a LEGO movie? Do you think there's any way they can make this not cheesy and silly? What sort of plot do you think Lin and Co. have up their sleeves, going by what's been said above?

As stated, it's hoped that LEGO will get going sometime in 2010, but there's been no official dates set as of yet.

Source: Collider

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