15 Lego Movie Secrets You Totally Missed

There are more secrets in The LEGO Movie franchise than you may have known, so here are some you may have missed. Although many scoffed at the idea of an animated movie based on Legos, the attachment of Phil Lord and Chris Miller helped prove how awesome the idea could be. The first Lego Movie was a huge hit at the box office thanks to the imaginative story and the fact that it was fun for audiences of all ages.

The success of The Lego Movie resulted in two spinoffs, The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie, as well as the recent sequel. The creators loaded the films with pop culture references and even alluded to the other movies within the franchise. There are Easter eggs galore in each of the installments, but there are also several secrets that even the most committed fans of the series may not be aware of.

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In the latest Screen Rant video, we took a look at all three films to find some of their biggest secrets. These could be references that some fans previously did not notice, while others are fun facts that are not well known. Everything from Batman's relationship status, Morgan Freeman's first animated movie, and just how rare of a design the franchise has for Green Lantern are all discussed and more. Check out the full list in the video below:

These secrets won't dramatically alter any of the films, but are interesting nonetheless. For major fans of the brick-building toys, the connection between the magic portal in The Lego Movie to an early fan film shows the deep cuts that this franchise goes for. While this also means finding a way to tie The Lego Batman Movie to The Dark Knight through a line in Jerry Maguire, the connectivity between the Lego franchise is also evident. Their ability to tease future films is common across all franchises, but the thematic consistency in redeeming the villain is also a nice touch for this particular franchise to employ.

That said, these secrets are just the ones that can be found in the first three movies in this cinematic universe, and more are sure to come from The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. Audiences have already been spotting several of the Easter eggs that it has to offer, and additional secrets from the development process will likely arrive in the future. The movies are already immensely rewatchable on their own, but hopefully these secret details and Easter eggs can make them all the more enjoyable in the future. That said, with the official sequel struggling at the box office, there may not be too many future installments that can add to the list.

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