LEGO Movie 2 Co-Writer Pokes Fun At Ready Player One

Ready Player One Versus LEGO

Ready Player One is getting closer and closer to release, and fans of Ernest Cline's novel are excited to see what Steven Spielberg has in store for them. Based on early reports, the film is a lot of fun, which points towards the movie being the strong homage to geek culture that the original work entailed, with plenty of thrilling set pieces to keep viewers occupied.

It's easy to see why some would-be viewers are excited, too. Ready Player One jumps from work to work, pulling out some of the most iconic characters and moments from the best that geek culture has to offer. Everything from Jurassic Park through to The Iron Giant gets a reference, and although the new Star Wars movies won't be making an appearance, it's still more than enough for movie fans to sink their teeth into. However, it's not the only film that managed to make nods to various franchises that has been released over the years.

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This is something the The LEGO Movie 2 co-writer Chris Miller has been more than happy to point out. The writer, who also wrote the original LEGO Movie, took to Twitter to let his followers know about a movie coming soon that includes "a bunch of famous characters from different movies and TV shows and games that all interact in the same shared universe." The movie he was referring to? The LEGO Movie 2, of course.

Miller also took the time to reiterate the release date of The LEGO Movie 2, with the movie due to drop in February 2019. That's good news for fans, who had grown worried that the movie may see another push back after the film's release had been moved back multiple times. At the very least, this will give viewers time to get their appetite back for another crossover movie after the release of Ready Player One.

This lighthearted joke at the expense of Ready Player One is a neat observation, and one that also cuts to the core of what makes films like The LEGO Movie and Ready Player One so enticing. The movies tap into that childlike need to merge separate worlds into one, putting forward team-ups and battles that kids believed would never truly exist outside of the imagination. In The LEGO Movie's case, of course, this even came with a memorable fourth wall break.

Whether Ready Player One is able to capture the level of excitement that the LEGO movies are able to provide is still up in the air. The film has seen something of a backlash from even its initial trailers, and there's plenty of debate over whether that pre-release hate is justified. With the film releasing at the end of the month, though, it won't be long before fans can see how well the movie fares.

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