'LEGO Movie' Sequel Sets a Director; Lord and Miller Still Producing

'LEGO Movie' animation co-director Chris McKay will helm the sequel, but the original film's directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are still 'very involved.'

The LEGO Movie sequel to be directed by Chris McKay

21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller's The LEGO Movie is, without a doubt, the success story of early 2014, drawing critical raves and earning stacks of cash at the worldwide box office ($363 million and rising). Warner Bros. wasted very little time in staking out a release date for the sequel, so as to allow for the proper time for animation on the stop-motion/CGI hybrid.

Plot details for the LEGO Movie sequel are naught to be found, since it's still very early in the development stage. However, this will be a direct followup to Lord and Miller's original movie - itself, part hero's journey, part satire, revolving around plain-as-toast LEGO mini figure Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt). Warners is also developing a Ninjago spinoff, as an expansion of this lucrative multi-media enterprise it now has on its hands.

Deadline is reporting that LEGO Movie 2 (not the official title... yet, anyway) will be directed by Chris McKay, who served as the animation co-director/supervisor on the original installment. However, Lord and Miller remain onboard as producers for the sequel, and the latter has already taken to Twitter to endorse McKay - and offer assurances that he and Lord aren't just passing the LEGO Movie property off to other hands: