Lego Movie 2 Throws Shade At The DCEU's Batman Confusion

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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part uses LEGO Batman to make jokes at the expense of the DCEU's Batman confusion - though it's a little outdated now. Ever since The LEGO Movie kicked off Warner Bros' brick-based movie franchise, the LEGO movies have used every opportunity to include meta jokes and poke fun at other films. Since LEGO Batman is integral to the series - having co-starred in both The LEGO Movie and its sequel as well as The LEGO Batman Movie spinoff - these films have the chance to poke fun at the live-action DC films. And some might argue Warner Bros' Worlds of DC (unofficially called the DC Extended Universe) makes it a little too easy for them.

The DCEU's Batman has been contentious since Ben Affleck was cast in the role, with the first look at him in costume from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice inspiring plenty of online memes. Affleck appeared in a total of three DCEU movies: Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad and Justice League. Though the actor was also originally set to write and direct a solo Batman movie, he stepped down. Most recently, Affleck confirmed he's exiting the Batman role entirely, paving the way for Matt Reeves' The Batman to cast someone new, reportedly younger. However, before this latest news, there was a great deal of confusion and conflicting reports about Batman's future in the DCEU and The LEGO Movie 2 took full advantage of that.

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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part includes quite a few jokes at the DCEU and larger DC universe's expense, but perhaps one of the best is its dig at Warner Bros' live-action universe stumbling to continue the Dark Knight's story. In fact, LEGO Batman states he's been in nine movies and has three more in various stages of development, which comes off as a joke at the expense of Affleck's Batman, with the actor being on his way out.

The actual numbers LEGO Batman mentions are a bit odd, since they don't line up with any combination of live-action Batman movies. There were two in the 40s, one in the 60s, then Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher's four-film series and Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy before Zack Snyder rebooted Batman. That's 10 films before the DCEU and 14 if Affleck's and LEGO Batman's films are counted. Of course, it might just be a random number of movies that this character has starred in within the LEGO world.

No matter the semantics of this particular LEGO Batman joke, it's a fun jab at the live-action world - even if it's a little outdated now. This joke, of all the DC gags in The LEGO Movie 2, might have played better before the recent news concerning Reeves' The Batman. But even still, it's a fun moment and just one of many in which The Second Part uses the Batman character's long legacy in comics and film to get some laughs out of the audience. (In fact, the musical number featuring LEGO Batman and Queen Whatevra is a wonderful treat for Batman fans, and it also includes some DCEU jokes.)

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