LEGO Unveils Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Set

Ghostbusters gets a LEGO headquarters play set

Back to the Future has been on everyone's collective minds lately - and while we all love the time traveling adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, another 1980s born franchise, Ghostbusters, has also been making headlines for a while now. Few franchises have retained their cult status among fans like Ghostbusters; the Ghostbusters reboot movie is due out in 2016, but many fans are still looking for toys from the original films, too.

A Toys 'R Us Canada online listing recently leaked the possibility of more Ghostbusters product from LEGO coming soon. Fans of the lovable LEGO brick toys and Ghostbusters alike should be delighted to learn that a  LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters is in fact being released in stores in the foreseeable future.

LEGO took to its official Twitter account to make the announcement that the company is finally producing a full-fledge Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Lego play set. The set, which is assigned the LEGO number 75827, will be hitting stores in January 2016. You can check out images of the toy set, below:

Get ready to bust some ghosts! First look at set 75827 LEGO @Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters available Jan 2016!

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) October 27, 2015

It may seem strange to many that LEGO wouldn't try to get this high demand item in stores by Christmas, but rest assured LEGO knows its audience. The Christmas shopping crowd is generally filled with parents purchasing high-price ticket items for their children - and with a hefty price tag of $350, this set definitely appeals to the adult collector market. January and February are the beginning of tax return season for those in the United States, which will provide adult fans with the extra funds to invest in a set like this one. The price tag may seem high to some, but it lines up with similar scale releases from LEGO in their Star Wars line, like the Death Star.

The LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, as you can see, will include two floors of interior rooms that feature a laboratory, living quarters and even a containment unit for the occasional spirit. The set boasts a whopping nine LEGO mini-figures, including all four Ghostbusters (Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston), Janine Melnitz, Louis Tully, Dana Barrett, Taxi Driver Ghost and the Library Ghost. The set, in case you hadn't noticed yet, is based on the original Ghostbusters 194 feature film.

Ivan Reitman Only One Ghostbusters Production
The original Ghostbusters crew and director Ivan Reitman

This set marks the second official full Ghostbusters retail set from LEGO. The first set came last year through the LEGO Cuusoo program. Cuusoo is an innovative program that LEGO developed to let fans create and pitch their own LEGO sets that are voted on by other fans - to determine which will be produced and released at the retail level. A Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car (LEGO item #21108) with the four Ghostbusters mini-figures was produced and is still on shelves at most major retailers. LEGO has also released additional Ghostbusters mini-figures through the LEGO Dimensions video game. The LEGO Dimensions packs feature a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and Terror Dog 2-pack and a Peter Venkman, Ecto-1 and Ghost Trap 3-pack. The mini-figures in these sets all come on stands that interact with the LEGO Dimensions video game.

Those that haven't followed Ghostbusters merchandise may be surprised to find out that this is only the third ever Ghostbusters Headquarters play set to be released at retail. The first was a large-scale play set by Kenner for The Real Ghostbusters cartoon toyline back in 1987. The second was an adult collector market release back in 2011 from Mattel in their Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters toyline. That was a 2-pack featuring toys of the Ghostbusters secretary Janine Melnitz in her Ghostbusters gear and the first ever action figure release of the Halloween baddie Samhain. The box that these toys came in included a cool paper fold out firehouse that would assemble for display.

Ghostbusters will return to the big screen in live-action form on July 15th, 2016.

Source: Gizmodo

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