LEGO Has Made The Ultimate Tim Burton Batmobile - Here's How To Get It

Starting on Black Friday (November 29), fans can celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie by purchasing an incredible new LEGO DC Batmobile. Black Friday is obviously a major opportunity for comic book fans to find great deals on new toys, action figures, and games from their favorite franchises. Now, LEGO is giving Batman fans what looks like the most realistic Batmobile LEGO set ever released.

Tim Burton's Batman came out at the end of the 1980s and featured Michael Keaton as Batman, Jack Nicholson as the Joker, Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale, and Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face. That movie helped kickstart a series of memorable Batman movies in the 1990s, which included memorable casting like George Clooney as Batman, Danny DeVito as the Penguin, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze. And until Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance as the Joker, Nicholson's take on the character was millions of viewer's main touchpoint for the Joker for many years.

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The new LEGO®️ DC Batmobile set includes a number of special features that will surely delight master LEGO builders. This 3,306-piece set features a slide-open cockpit, a sleek wraparound windshield, and two pop-open machine gun turrets. To show off the Batmobile, the new set also comes with a rotating display stand. Measuring in at 23 inches, the completed set is a perfect recreation of the iconic Burton Batmobile. On top of that, the set comes with three LEGO characters, Joker, Vicki Vale, and, of course, Keaton's famous Batman. To promote the release of the DC Batmobile set, LEGO has released a series of images of the set, which can be viewed below:

LEGO and Batman fans interested in the new set still have to wait until Black Friday to place their orders. However, those who do order the Batmobile between November 29 and December 5 will also receive a special gift: an exclusive miniature version of the Batmobile model. Naturally, Batman and LEGO have worked hand-in-hand before. The LEGO Batman recently starred in his own animated feature film, the appropriately titled LEGO Batman Movie, with comedy actor Will Arnett starring as the superhero. Now, LEGO and DC have partnered again to create one of the most realistic Batmobile sets ever created.

The LEGO®️ DC Batmobile is available on the official LEGO website. It retails for $249.99, which is a small price for fans to pay to get a Batmobile of their very own. Thirty years after Burton and Keaton delighted audiences with their campy take on the World's Greatest Detective, DC is still giving fans new reasons to love the hit 1989 movie. And while new Batman movies continue to hit theaters every few years, Burton's unique movies still have a special place in many fans' hearts.

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