LEGO Batman Video Wishes You a Happy New Year

It's time to ring in the New Year with The LEGO Batman Movie, as a new ad brings the Dark Knight into Great Gatsby territory.

Lego Batman New Year 2017

So far, the marketing for The LEGO Batman Movie has played up the film's apparent irreverence and it's humorous take on the often darkly serious depictions of Bruce Wayne and his more famous alter ego. The ads and TV spots have begun appearing with greater frequency now that the film's February release date is creeping ever closer. Most have been generous in terms of laying out the film's basic concepts and its familiar-to-the-LEGO-universe theme of everything is better (awesome, even) when people figure out how to work together on a team. And it would seem that the concept of teamwork and togetherness goes both ways, as one ad gave Zach Galifianakis' Joker the spotlight, highlighting the many villain cameos that will make an appearance in the film.

The ads themselves have done a solid job in making The LEGO Batman Movie look as appealing – if not more – than its successor. While the movie has the advantage of using a pre-existing IP to sell its story and to mark the official expansion of the LEGO movie universe, it hasn't stopped director Chris McKay or screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith from poking fun at its titular character's personality and, more often than not, his implicit preference for the Caped Crusader side of his double life.

That joke, along with the film's tendency to skew some of its humor toward a more mature audience is front and center in a new advertisement for the film. In it, Bruce Wayne (and The LEGO Batman Movie) wishes those watching a happy New Year – much to the delight of Michael Cera's excitable Robin. While the sentiment is very much appreciated, the message goes much further thanks to it spoof on Leonardo DiCaprio's big film of 2013.

Lego Batman New Year 2017

The send-up of The Great Gatsby is fitting for a movie that looks to take the idea of the Bruce's billionaire playboy persona to its comical extreme. After all, Baz Luhrmann's extravagant 3D adaptation already did most of the heavy lifting in terms of presenting a starry-eyed depiction of the idle rich, so it's not too surprising to see how well it works where. Of course, the cherry on top is Cera's aforementioned Robin, who is himself caught with stars in his eyes, as he is barely able to contain himself at the prospect of Batman wishing him a happy New Year.

While the ad doesn't offer any new footage to speak of, it certainly works to underline the film's specific sense of humor and its willingness to poke fun at the Batman mythos, as well as other pieces of popular culture.


Source: Warner Bros.

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