LEGO Batman Movie Promos Feature Bats’ Super-Friends

Two new promos for The LEGO Batman Movie aren't specifically about the film, but do give us more LEGO Batman to enjoy.

The LEGO Batman Movie (cropped IMAX Poster)

The LEGO Batman Movie may not be the upcoming superhero movie with the biggest stars or largest budget, but it's definitely one of the most anticipated superhero movies of 2017. Much of that excitement stems from 2014's The LEGO Movie, a film in which LEGO Batman (as voiced by Will Arnett) first debuted and became one of its most memorable characters (a feat made all the easier by being Batman, but still).

In this spinoff, Batman must thwart The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) from taking over Gotham City, and to do so, the Dark Knight will team up with new allies, like Dick Grayson aka Robin (Michael Cera) and Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (Rosario Dawson). But for a caped crusader who's always considered himself more of a solitary soldier for justice, working as part of a team is going to be hard - and funny, if the many trailers and TV spots which have already been released for The LEGO Batman Movie are anything to go by.

These two latest promos make sure to display that same quirky humor. The first features LEGO Batman sharing with us all his awesome selfies from a trip abroad (any guesses at which city?) and includes a shot of him and a couple of super friends. The other clip is more of a promotional tie-in with Sky Broadband and doesn't have much to do with the film beyond including LEGO Batman to mock their nerdy tech team. Still, fans of the LEGO Batman character will certainly find something to laugh at in both short videos. You can watch the first above, and the second below:

Unlike previous promos for The LEGO Batman Movie, these have far less to do with the actual film (not even including any footage from the movie), but they do point to the popularity of the LEGO Batman character. Arnett's portrayal of the brooding Dark Knight was a big hit with audiences, letting them both enjoy the fantasy and laugh at the ridiculousness of a billionaire orphan who dresses up like a bat to fight crime. These ads continue that sentiment, even when they're more interested in selling internet tech support than the film in question.

The LEGO Batman Movie is directed by Chris McKay from as script by Seth Grahame-Smith, and though it's only direct tie to the original LEGO Movie is the LEGO Batman character, this film is the first step in WB's planned LEGO movie universe. The next films being developed are The LEGO Movie Sequel, a currently untitled Ninjago movie, and Billion Brick Race.

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