LEGO Batman Movie TV Spots: Commissioner Gordon Joins the Bat Team

The latest TV spots for The LEGO Batman Movie feature two Gordons - Commissioner Gordon and Barbara/Batgirl (Rosario Dawson).

The LEGO Batman Movie - Commissioner Gordon and Barbara Gordon

With the film less than a month away from release, The LEGO Batman Movie's marketing is really going to be kicking it up a notch. So far, much of the advertising has focused on the personality of The LEGO Movie world's Batman - an over-the-top, semi-deluded caricature of the DC icon - and his relationships with ward Robin (Michael Cera) and half-nemesis Joker (Zach Galifianakis). There have also been hints at Bruce Wayne's loneliness and the negative impact of his "work alone" ethos, which will no doubt be the core emotional arc given to the (LEGO) Bat family featured here.

Of course, for all the plot, the film also aims to put a spoofing spotlight on the Bat-property similar to The LEGO Movie before it; poking fun as some of the stranger elements of Batman's mythology. This was evident from the very first teasers for The LEGO Batman Movie, and as the promotion increases, we're seeing that things could be even more explorative in the animated movie.

Two new TV spots have now been released that put a bit more focus on the team surrounding Bruce Wayne in The LEGO Batman Movie. The first highlights the film's voice cast and core characters - Bats, Jokes and Robs, as well as Batgirl and Alfred - each with their own comedic moments (Dick Grayson singing "fly Robin fly" is a highlight). The second puts the focus firmly on Rosario Dawson's Barbra Gordon, highlighting her public plan as Gotham's new Commissioner to team up with Batman and her more secret work with the Caped Crusader as Batgirl.

You don't need to be the World's Greatest Detective to spot the big difference here - Barbra is here filling the role of Commissioner, traditionally the job of her father. This was the feature of previous trailers, but these spots make it stand out by also introducing Jim Gordon to proceedings; he appears in the first bit of footage chastising the Joker's self-appointed nickname, The Jokes. James Gordon's been pretty much absent from the marketing, so now that we've seen him in action it really does beg the question of where he is in the movie proper. The Jokes scene may be a flashback or early event, with Gordon dead by the time The LEGO Batman Movie begins, although given this is a kids movie it's more likely he'll be kidnapped as part of Joker's scheme (possibly leading to Barbra taking over his role).

The other question about Gordon is who's voicing him. There's no confirmed actor - Mariah Carey was (very) briefly rumored for the role, but the singer is actually playing Mayor McCaskill - and it's hard to pinpoint the voice from the trailer. As it's unannounced, it's either just a random vocal artist or there's a funny reveal being saved for The LEGO Batman Movie itself.

As well as selling key elements of the film, there's a nice selection of gags in the latest LEGO Batman Movie two spots that continue the work of the previous (excellent) TV spots in selling the LEGO movie brand of humour. Like The LEGO Movie, this isn't going to be a one-track film, with a wide-range of self-deprecating and whip-smart jokes.

Source: Comic Book

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