LEGO Batman Director Says He’s Working On A Sequel

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The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay reveals he's currently working on a sequel to his animated hit. Back in 2014, Phil Lord and Chris Miller proved the doubters wrong (as has become their calling card) when The LEGO Movie proved to be one of the year's most entertaining and heartfelt films. It was so successful, Warner Bros. immediately pushed forward plans for an expanded franchise based on the property. Besides a sequel to the main LEGO Movie (which will finally hit theaters next year), a pair of spinoffs - LEGO Batman and Ninjago - came out in 2017.

While Ninjago underwhelmed critically and commercially (earning only $123 million worldwide), LEGO Batman proved to be a worthy investment. Earning praise for its touching story about friendship and family, it grossed $311.9 million worldwide against an $80 million budget. Given how popular LEGO Batman was (and how extensive the mythos are), it'd be easy to envision a scenario in which a followup was made. While a LEGO Batman 2 isn't formally on WB's release calendar, it seems like it's coming through the pipeline.

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On Twitter, McKay responded to a fan's query about a possible LEGO Batman sequel. Before hyping up the character's return in The LEGO Movie 2, the filmmaker stated the team is working on another spinoff for Will Arnett's Caped Crusader. Check out his post in the space below:

As exciting as another adventure with the mini Dark Knight sounds on paper, McKay's latest update isn't necessarily a guarantee this film will eventually come into fruition. Again, since WB has yet to officially announce or schedule LEGO Batman 2, odds are the project remains in its earliest stages of development as the creative team tries to crack the story. Obviously, all parties involved are keen on the movie moving forward, but there is a chance things fall apart if they struggle to find the right approach. It'll be interesting to see how exactly things play out, especially since McKay is currently an in-demand talent. Earlier this year, he entered negotiations to direct a Dungeons and Dragons film, and just last month lined up a gig to call the shots on Johnny Quest. Depending on how his schedule shakes out, LEGO Batman 2 could be put on hold for a while.

Considering things stay at a steady course, the absolute earliest LEGO Batman 2 could reach theaters is December 2021, where an untitled WB animated event film is currently slated. The original LEGO Batman found great success in February, but its themes and style would definitely be appropriate for the holiday season, serving as a fun option for families to check out. Otherwise, it likely won't premiere until 2022, five years after the first. Ideally, more details about LEGO Batman 2 will be revealed soon.

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