Your iPhone Has a Funny LEGO Batman Easter Egg


LEGO Batman is flying high after a strong opening. Though it didn't quite match its predecessor, it still managed to win the weekend and top Fifty Shades Darker and John Wick: Chapter Two. The success of the film is hardly surprsing. Not only did The LEGO Movie do well at the box office while impressing critics and fans, but Batman is one of the strongest brands around. Like its predecessor, audiences around the world have been loving Will Arnett's take on The Batman, and the movie is benefitting from mostly positive reviews.

The LEGO franchise is occupying a particular niche of action-comedies as its format allows for absurd amounts of chaos and tons of cameos from some of the most popular properties out there. And despite Emmet and Wyldstyle's absenceLEGO Batman will still have an impact on LEGO Movie 2 when it arrives in 2019. Part of LEGO Batman's appeal was the slew of charatcers introduced, many from Batman's Rogues Gallery. Though a lot of supervillain cameos had to be cut, Billy Dee Williams saw justice served as he was able to play Two-Face decades after portraying Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's Batman. Even better, the movie had a blast introducing all sorts of obscure DC Comic villains from its decades-long history.

Aside from the action and all the Easter eggs, one of the highlights of the film was Batman's interactions with his super-computer, dubbed 'Puter. Now, thanks to an over-the-air update to Siri, you too have the power of 'Puter in your pocket. Batman News has the scoop on a new set of jokes hidden within Siri that come straight from LEGO Batman. Check some of them out in the gallery below.

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Don't worry if you haven't updated your phone in awhile, as these new prompts from Siri are already inside your iPhone. Just activate Siri and say "Hey, 'Puter," and you'll get one of the jokes listed above. The most fun aspect of the whole thing is that the voice of Siri and that of 'Puter are one in the same. Unfortunately, Susan Bennett, the voice actor responsible for what became Siri, wasn't hired for the film. Instead, Siri is actually listed on IMDb for 'Puter's voice, meaning an actual iPhone was used to create the lines.


All told, LEGO Batman is another hit in the growing franchise. Like The LEGO Movie before it, there's likely a lot you don't know about the film and its production. The dedication and nerdiness poured into the film certainly shows, and it will help the movie continue to grow at the box office. While no sequel has been announced yet, it seems like a safe bet. If nothing else, the LEGO Movie franchise will have a long shelf life.

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Source: Batman News

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  • The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) release date: Feb 10, 2017
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