The LEGO Batman Movie DVD & Blu-ray Release Date Revealed

Lego Batman Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie DVD and Blu-ray release date has been revealed along with what special features fans can expect with the film's home release. LEGO Batman became one of the standout characters of The LEGO Movie, and it seemed only natural that he should become the star of his own movie, too.

Voiced by Will Arnett, the character became the subject of the hilarious LEGO Batman Movie, which was well-received by audiences across the world, taking $300 million globally. Now, The LEGO Batman Movie is making its way onto home release.

Warner Bros. announced The LEGO Batman Movie will be available on Digital HD on May 19th, before it arrives on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra-HD on June 13th (via ComicBook). Warner Bros. will have three different Blu-ray combo packs on release, including both a 3D and a Ultra HD version. With LEGO Batman, the special features include four LEGO Batman animated shorts, as well as a The LEGO Ninjago Movie short called "The Master." The Blu-ray Combo Packs also feature director and crew commentary, trailers from the movie, and five social promos.

Lego Batman Movie Robin

The LEGO Batman Movie received good reviews upon its release. Directed by Chris McKay, the movie actually manages to successfully tell a good Batman story while at the same time serving as a pastiche of the original DC television series. The movie essentially served almost as a love letter in praise of DC, but it worked; fans appreciated the tongue in cheek humor and the inclusion of a vast array of DC comics characters.

Undoubtedly silly at times - in part what makes it so great - The LEGO Batman Movie also contained a whole host of pop culture references and yet managed to deliver a message of teamwork and family that was easily accessible for younger viewers. This was enhanced by the catchy theme tune, "Friends are Family," which will no doubt be played repeatedly by any younger viewers who get their hands on the home release.

One of the appeals of the The LEGO Batman Movie home release is the LEGO Ninjago Movie short. That should set the scene nicely for that movie's release in September, and a previously released trailer hints at it following the same comedic format that has served The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie so well. With The LEGO Movie Sequel due out in 2019 as well, it seems that everything is, indeed, awesome if you like LEGO.

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The LEGO Batman Movie will be available on Digital HD May 19th, then arrives on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra-HD June 13th.

Source: ComicBook

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