LEGO Batman Movie Director Wants to Helm DCEU Film

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The release of The LEGO Movie in 2014 was met with large swathes of approval from both moviegoers and fans of the Danish toy company. One of the most popular elements of the film - aside from the soundtrack - was Will Arnett's larger than life, egotistical take on the LEGO version of Batman. As such, it wasn't a huge surprise when an announcement was made confirming The LEGO Batman Movie was in the pipeline, giving Arnett's popular interpretation of Bruce Wayne his very own spin-off film.

Directing this LEGO superhero adventure would be none other than Chris McKay who had worked closely on the original LEGO Movie with directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. McKay's past as both an animator and director has largely been television-based - working on TV shows such as Robot Chicken and Titan Maximum - and his involvement in The LEGO Movie was arguably the animation specialist's first foray into the big time.

It appears, however, that The LEGO Batman Movie's director has his sights set on even more ambitious goals and has aspirations to helm a movie in the DC Extended Universe in the near future. After a fan mentioned on Twitter they'd like to see McKay in the director's chair for a DCEU movie, McKay confirmed that he would "like to be part of it somehow," going on to state: "I'm going to go in and see those guys and pitch myself and go from there...but thank you!"

Thanks! That's nice @Mighty_Icon but I'm going to go in and see those guys and pitch myself and go from there...but thank you!

— Chris McKay (@buddboetticher) January 30, 2017

The director gave no suggestion as to which DC superhero he'd be interested in directing - although Batman would, of course, be the natural choice - but with Warner Bros. lining up DCEU movies well into the next decade, there's certainly no shortage of options. Perhaps a realistic possibility would be the upcoming The Flash solo movie starring Ezra Miller. The character's more humorous nature would suit McKay's comedy-based resume and although there have been recent reports of a rewrite for the film, the director's LEGO pals Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were the ones who "cracked" the movie's story in the first place.

The LEGO Batman Movie Poster (cropped)

Given that McKay has so far worked largely in both animation and television, directing a feature the magnitude of a DCEU movie would certainly be a significant step-up - something McKay himself alludes to in his Tweets. The three entries in the DCEU franchise so far have also had a distinctly dark tone and this would also be relatively unfamiliar ground for the director, although recent comments have suggested that future movies in the series will be less gritty and serious.

With that said, every well-known movie director has to make the leap up to the big league sometime and Hollywood history is littered with examples of directors successfully making their mark in the industry via the superhero genre - Deadpool, for instance, was the directorial debut of Tim Miller. McKay has done sterling work thus far both on television and on The LEGO Movie and - judging by the recent trailer - this trend will continue with The LEGO Batman Movie. Perhaps heading into the world of live-action is just the next logical step.

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