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The LEGO Batman Movie - Tuxedo

The LEGO Batman Movie has won the box office two weekends in a row, following easily in the success of it's LEGO Movie predecessor. Will Arnett reprises his role from the 2014 film as the Dark Knight and audiences get a chance to dive deeper into the overwhelming darkness that surrounds his very existence in all aspects at all times.

Of course, The LEGO Batman Movie combines humor with themes of family in its animated superhero tale. Now, a new video epitomizes those aspects utilizing the movie's end credits song.

Today WaterTower Music released the fully animated end credits sequence from The LEGO Batman Movie. In keeping with the characterization of Batman from the first LEGO Movie, music plays an important role in the narrative - and as a plot device - and it comes as no surprise that the end credits sequence is both hilarious and a fully executed music video complete with costume changes and choreography. Take a look above.

The LEGO Batman Movie - Tuxedo

Artist Oh! Hush leads the song along with Arnett, who provides vocals in-character as the eponymous Batman, and they are joined by Jeff Lewis. The song - titled "Friends Are Family"is a little bit of a spoiler for the lesson that Batman will learn over the course of the movie and does highlight many characters that appear as cameos or are surprises when they enter the action of the movie. It is tough to encourage someone who has yet to see The LEGO Batman Movie to check this music video out, but it is definitely worth a revisit afterward.

Viewers also get a sense of the marriage between practical effects and computer generated images that are the backbone of any LEGO Movie that has, or ever shall be, produced. Warner Bros. was likely hoping that "Friends Are Family" would take off and become wildly popular the same way "Everything is Awesome" did during The LEGO Movie, but that remains to be seen. "Friends Are Family" is less of an ear worm, although a better song.

"Friends Are Family" is actually a really good song and the credits sequence does a great job at celebrating the weirdness of the sprawling cast of characters that make up The LEGO Batman Movie. At the same time, it lampoons tropes that viewers are familiar with from both musical theatre, movie credits and music videos themselves, adding to the comedy inherent in these representations of Batman, Batgirl, Robin et al. Repeat viewing reveals deeper and deeper levels of clever design and thinking behind the song.

However, as mentioned above, there are a lot of spoilers about plot resolutions and character appearances throughout The LEGO Batman Movie. It doesn't seem likely that people who are not fans of the movie will be seeking this video out, but if that were the case, it won't leave much to the imagination if they do decide to stop by their local movie theater. It is, ultimately, silly in keeping with the overall tone of the feature film and will probably find a lot of love in the younger generation of viewers.

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  • The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) release date: Feb 10, 2017
  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017) release date: Sep 22, 2017
  • The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) release date: Feb 08, 2019
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