LEGO Batman: Billy Dee Williams Calls Voicing Two-Face 'Interesting'

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Earlier today, a group of actors playing various villains in The LEGO Batman Movie were announced, as were the characters they voice in the film. But a few of the bad guys were already known. Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) as The Joker and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child) as Harley Quinn have been seen in the trailers. Another villain has not been talked about as much, even though the casting allowed for the actor to play a role they were supposed to play decades ago: Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back) as Two-Face.

Williams played Two-Face's alter-ego, Harvey Dent, in Batman back in 1989. The original plan was for Dent to become Two-Face and be a villain in the sequel, Batman Returns. However, the character was written out of the film. When Dent/Two-Face was written into the next film, Batman Forever, the role was recast with Tommy Lee Jones. Williams - who voiced his famous Star Wars character Lando Calrissian in The LEGO Movie - was finally given the chance to play Two-Face by voicing the character in the spinoff, The LEGO Batman Movie.

Williams spoke about how it feels to be voicing Two-Face after all these years in an interview with THR:

"Well, it’s pretty ironic, I guess. Considering I originally played Harvey Dent with the hopes of playing Two-Face and here I am doing Two-Face in a LEGO movie. (Laughs) It’s very interesting."

Batman Billy Dee Williams Lego Harvey Dent

He was also asked if there was anything he planned on doing with the character back in the '90s that he brought to the animated film:

"Well, I never got to really work on it. I just thought it would have been really interesting. Tommy Lee Jones was really great, and he’s one of my favorite actors, but I thought it would have been a kind of a departure and it would have been different. You win some, you lose some. I remember as a kid reading the Batman comics and seeing what the character was through illustration. The whole idea of a nice-looking guy ending up with a horrible disfigured look was pretty intriguing to me. It was like playing out two personalities. In the LEGO Movie, it’s really hard to really talk about it because it’s in pieces, but the character, it’s not like doing a feature film in that sense. There’s more of an animated feeling to it."

In the comics, lawyer Harvey Dent became Two-Face after a mob boss threw acid on the left side of his face, which left him scarred on that side only. The event turned him insane, so much so that he would often decide who lived or died with the flip of a coin.

Almost 30 years later, hearing Billy Dee Williams voicing a LEGO version of Two-Face sounds like something that will have been well worth the wait.

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Source: THR

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