Legion 'Can Connect' With X-Men But Must Prove Itself First

Dan Stevens and James McAvoy Legion X-Men

There seems to be some confusion with regard to whether or not FX's upcoming Marvel series Legion is a part of the larger X-Men Universe being shepherded by 20th Century Fox, and that contains such films as Logan, Deadpool, and the continuity reshuffling X-Men movie franchise. Not long ago X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner said the two were separate and that "We're our own world." Shuler's statement seemed to be a cut-and-dry answer to the ongoing question of whether or not Dan Stevens' David Haller would ever cross paths with Patrick Stewart and help put the "X" in FX, or if the funky little mutant series set to premiere next month was destined to go it alone.

But as fans of comic books have learned to never consider anyone truly dead, so too have they learned to never say never when it comes to potential crossovers – no matter how unlikely they may seem. As it turns out, there is room for Legion to eventually share the same space (or dimension, or what have you) with the X-Men, but it's just not in the cards yet. And it also comes with a pretty big caveat, so don't go thinking David is polishing up that World's Best Dad mug anytime soon.

During an extensive interview with Variety, Hawley discussed where the show stands in terms of the X-Men films and other live-action stories about Marvel's Merry Mutants. He did reiterate Shuler's claim that Legion is operating within "an invented world," but he also left the door open for the show to connect with the film universe, should it prove successful enough.

"I think it’s important for us to establish this as a fully realized world with fully realized characters. It does connect and it can connect, but I’m not relying on that. I have to prove myself. I have to prove that the show is good enough to incorporate those elements from the movie world, if that were ever possible."

Dan Stevens in Legion FX

Hawley went on to say that one reason Legion doesn't connect yet is that it would be cost prohibitive to pay the salaries of James McAvoy's and Michael Fassbender just to show some movie-to-TV continuity.

"It’s sort of a non-starter to say James McAvoy’s going to be in my show. I’m not saying never, but certainly not in the first year of it. You’d have to pay those guys so much money to begin with. You’d have to pay them movie money in a different medium.”

So far, Hawley's statements seem to offer the best of both worlds. For those who think Legion should stand on its own, it seems as though it will for the foreseeable future. And for those who are just aching to have the X-Men pop up and gawk and the unique aesthetic of David Haller's world, well, make sure to tune in. If any sort of crossover is going to happen, high ratings will only help pave the way.

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Legion premieres Wednesday, February 8 @10pm on FX.


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