Legion TV Series Gets A 'WTF' Promo

Coming to television early next year is Legion, an exciting new FX series based around a character from the X-Men comics universe. Noah Halwey (Fargo) has written and directed the pilot episode and will also serve as producer and showrunner. The show revolves around mutant David Haller a.k.a. Legion (Dan Stevens - The Guest), who believes himself to be struggling with mental illness, but actually has near-infinite powers connected to multiple personalities. While not directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the X-Men films (for now), Marvel Television is working with FX to put out this series, along with Simon Kinberg, Bryan Singer, Lauren Schuler Donner, and Jeph Loeb serving as executive producers.

Legion already debuted its initial trailer at Comic-Con International back in July, but this 8-episode series still has time to get the attention of more than just the comic book fans already lines up to see what this show has in store for them. With the premiers of both Atlanta and Better Things this week, FX took the opportunity to release its next promo for the series.

While FX officially released the promo (seen above), there is obviously only so much to take away. The trailer certainly did the job of establishing the basic premise of Legion, while this promo is much shorter and only a tease of the show's tone. We see Stevens and co-star Aubrey Plaza staring at another individual in front of them. The two are likely in some kind of mental facility, given their surroundings and the near-comatose, drooling man they are staring at. It's quick enough and humorous.

It will be exciting to see more, but for now, while we know Stevens plays the title role, Plaza also has a unique character. She plays Lenny, a drug addict who strangely has the likable energy of an impossible optimist, despite her edgy attitude. Additionally, the show also stars Jean Smart, Hamish Linklater, Katie Aselton, and Rachel Keller as Syd, the woman of David's dreams.

Dan Stevens as David Haller in Legion

Audiences should not only be excited for Legion, but actually be happy the series won't be directly connected to any of the previous X-Men films (future X-Men films is another story). That universe's timeline continuity is wonky enough as is, so having a standalone FX series about mutants means the TV show will be in a much better place to stand on its own. Given that Legion will be airing on FX, it also means the series wont have to necessarily play things to safe, which has certainly benefited the many other acclaimed shows that air on the network.

Still, this is only a brief promo. Audiences may have no idea what to expect from something odd like this (the promo is literally titled 'WTF' after all), so expectations may still be up in the air. Time will tell, but it's about time someone finally put the X-Men on the small screen in live-action and in more distinct groups, given how expansive this universe is.

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Legion is expected to debut early 2017 on FX.

Source: FX Networks

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