Legion Season 2 First Look Footage Unveiled in FX's 2018 Preview

The first look footage from Legion season 2 has been released, teasing the return of FX's live-action X-Men TV show this spring. Few modern comic book and/or superhero TV shows have earned as much acclaim as Noah Hawley's Legion did during its first season last year, dazzling audiences and critics with its surreal approach to one of Marvel's most obtuse mutants. Legion season 2 will connect with the comics more than season 1 did, but will continue to forge its own path at the same time.

Following the multiple cliffhangers at the end of Legion season 1, series lead David is trapped inside a mysterious orb while the Shadow King has absconded with Oliver. While Legion season 2 will include a time jump to help keep audiences feeling as disoriented as David does, the show will also pick up the dangling plot threads from season 1 and explore more of David's personalities, in the process. Now, we have our first look at how some of the action will unfold.

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FX has released a preview for the network's 2018 lineup of TV shows that includes the first footage from Legion season 2. The footage begins around the 1 minute mark in the video above, though there are some additional shots towards the end of the video too. The footage featured here shows David inside what appears to be the orb, as well as an intriguing tableau that includes Oliver and Lenny.

Dan Stevens as David Haller in Legion

Last summer, a Legion season 2 script page was released and hinted at the journey that Oliver and Lenny/Shadow King will be going on while David and his friends deal with the mysterious orb. As the first look footage illustrates, David will be trapped inside of the orb much like Oliver was trapped in his own prison during Legion season 1.

If Legion season 1 was a gamble, then its success means that season 2 has more freedom to be as trippy and weird as it wants. The Legion comic books juggle dozens of powerful and distinct personalities, and the TV show has been quite inventive in bringing that comics world to life. If nothing else, it's certainly the most stylistic superhero TV show ever made, and that only looks to remain true in season 2.

The FX 2018 preview also includes footage from the TV show Pose, which will explore the ballroom scene of '80s New York and the LGBTQI culture that facilitated it. There's also footage included here from the slow developing Sons of Anarchy spinoff  Mayans MC, as well as the new seasons of Snowfall and Archer - hinting at an exciting year to come for the network.

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Legion season 2 premieres this April on FX.

Source: FX

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