What to Expect from Legion Season 3

Who Will Return In Legion Season 3? And When?

All of the characters in Legion Season 2 could conceivably return in Season 3, which is part of the beauty of a show that trades in delusions, mental palaces, and dreams. However, Melanie and Oliver's appearance in the ice cube makes it seem as though they have separated themselves from the struggles at hand. Syd, Cary, Kerry, Ptonomy (within the Division 3 mind of Admiral Fukuyama), Clark, and Division 3 could all join forces in an attempt to stop David... in fact, even the Shadow King himself could join forces with them. Fan favorite Aubrey Plaza will doubtlessly return as Lenny, the one character who appears to have sided with David.

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Legion had a one-year time jump between the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2, which could allow the showrunners to pick up in a new and terrifying future. The "future" of Legion Season 2 could easily become the "present" of Season 3, or the new timeline may not resemble the previous future at all. Will Syd still attempt to kidnap David now that she knows how it backfires? Or will she devise a new strategy? There's a lot of questions, although the biggest centers on David himself.

Will David Be The Antagonist Of Legion Season 3?

Legion has re-imagined itself many times over its first two seasons, and the third season should be no different. If Legion wants to continue to push boundaries within television, it should commit to making David a villain, rather than trying to save him. David persisted in his belief that he was the good guy, even as he tortured and beat his enemies and manipulated and abused his friends and girlfriend. Instead of changing his behavior to fit his beliefs, he simply ignored the parts of himself that were inconsistent with how he understood himself.

In Legion Season 2, David crosses many lines, and his parallels with Farouk are clear. David is no longer and can no longer be the hero of Legion. Since Hawley imagines Legion as a tragedy, a redemption arc seems unlikely, but given the revelations in the Season 2 finale, an attempt to redeem David would feel more like a retcon rather than addressing David's actions.

Luckily, Legion has a new hero who can save the day, someone who stood up to David, and, despite being an underdog, may be able to find a way to defeat him: Syd. Syd has grown from the manic pixie dream girl that didn't seem to have any interiority of her own into a tough and smart woman who chooses to trust herself more than she trusts "her man". When Syd confronts David and holds him at gunpoint at the beginning of the Season 2 finale, she tells him that he isn't the good guy. He doesn't understand, incredulously asking: "Then who is?" She responds with a bullet, and: "Me." The hero of Legion has been there all along. She just didn't know who she was or who she would have to become.

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