Legion Season 3 Premiere Date Set For June On FX

FX has set June 24 as the Legion season 3 premiere date; the upcoming season will the be last of the mind-bending superhero drama. Created by Noah Hawley (Fargo), Legion takes the X-Men universe into surreal territory as it tracks the story of mutant David Haller, played by Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens. The show also stars Rachel Keller, Aubrey Plaza, Jemaine Clement, Bill Irwin and Amber Midthunder.

Season 1 of Legion began with Stevens' Haller living in a strange psychiatric institution, believing himself to be suffering from schizophrenia. But Haller was eventually revealed to be a powerful mutant whose mind was actually under the influence of a parasitic entity named the Shadow King. In season 2, Haller's story took a number of unexpected twists and turns, as the Shadow King continued with his mysterious plans. By season's end, Haller had been revealed as the series' true villain, setting up a third season that figures to be even more filled with surprises.

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As reported by The Wrap, FX has now set the Legion season 3 premiere date. The first episode will air on Monday, June 24 at 10 PM ET. FX chief John Landgraf previously revealed that season 3 would be the last season for the series. In addition, FX has also set a premiere date of Wednesday, July 10 for season 3 of the drama Snowfall (which was co-created by the late John Singleton). Zach Galifianakis' comedy Baskets will also return for season 4 starting on Thursday, June 13.

Legion - David is strapped into a machine

Originally created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz, the character of David Haller/Legion was first introduced in Marvel comic books back in 1985. Hawley's TV take on Legion has largely stayed away from direct connections to other X-Men characters and properties however, instead exploring its own strange, psychedelic world, shifting back and forth between different planes of consciousness and reality in a way that can sometimes be truly mind-bending.

The show's bizarre storytelling and surreal style have led some to call Legion the weirdest show on TV, while others have accused it of prioritizing style over substance to the point where it is just confusing. Clearly, Hawley had no interest in creating a conventional superhero TV show when he took on the task of crafting Legion. Now he will wrap up the strange story of David Haller with the third and final season, and it seems a showdown is in the offing as Haller's friends come to realize the threat he represents now that he's fully come into his mutant powers. It will be interesting to see how Hawley ultimately resolves the story, and what other shocking twists he might have in store for audiences.

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Legion season 3 premieres Monday June 24th at 10pm ET on FX.

Source: The Wrap

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