Legion Season 2 Gets A 'Chattery' New Promo

Legion season 2 continues to tease its creepy new season with a new promo hinting at a mysterious chatter that leads to death. As superhero, fantasy, and other genre shows become more and more common on TV, they've started taking bigger tonal and thematic risks. Black Lightning has put socio-political issues front and center, while last year's American Gods explored heady concepts with splashes of erotica. But few shows can hold a candle to Noah Hawley's Legion, which just may be the most audacious comic book adaptation to hit the small screen.

Given the mysterious nature of Legion, viewers have only been given bits and pieces about what to expect from the new season. The first look at Legion season 2 as well as the season's synopsis teased a follow-up to the events from the finale, but how that will play out is anyone's guess. It's clear, however, that David and his friends certainly won't be catching a break, as the protagonist will start season 2 stuck inside a strange orb while Oliver has been kidnapped by the Shadow King. And in the latest promo, it seems yet another threat awaits.

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FX released a short new promo for Legion season 2 which highlights something called "the chatter." Aside from eerie shots of teeth chattering away, Syd warns that death is coming. Whether it's from the chatter, the orb, or the Shadow King isn't known, but the video manages to pack in a number of tableaus that hint at a batch of episodes just as captivating as what was shown last year.

One shot in particular shows David back with his friends - although they have three odd looking triplets in front of them - so there's a chance he won't be off on his own for too long. What's more, season 2 of Legion will have a time jump, so it may be the fallout of the finale will take place in flashbacks. After all, rearranging time and space is what Legion does best.

This new promo is the second to release in recent weeks, as Aubrey Plaza's Lenny was featured in a Legion teaser trying to convince audiences that all of season 1 took place in their heads. Clearly, the minds behind Legion know that the best way to market the show is to continue making viewers disoriented and uncomfortable. But for those who can manage it, what follows should be a season every bit as engaging as last year.

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Legion season 2 premieres April 3 on FX.

Source: FX

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