Legion Season 2 is Hiding Something in New Preview

Someone's hiding something in another enigmatic promo for Legion season 2. After a successful and acclaimed first season on FX, Dan Stevens returns in Noah Hawley's X-Men inspired TV series. After the mind-bending events of season 1, the second season looks like another wild ride about to happen.

In season 1, Stevens' David Haller did epic battle with his inner-demon...a literal inner-demon called the Shadow King. The Shadow King's incarnations included David's "friend" Lenny Busker, played by the inimitable Aubrey Plaza. Legion continued its weird, intriguing season 2 marketing campaign with a recent promo featuring Plaza as a psychiatrist with clearly evil intentions. In the clip, Plaza informs us that nothing we saw in season 1 was real. Indeed, the show got a lot of mileage in season 1 out of making the audience question the reality of everything they were seeing. And it appears that approach will continue. Another unsettling promo teased a strange chattering teeth condition that appears to befall some characters in the new season.

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FX Networks has now released another quick and strange Legion season 2 promo. Like the others, this one gives away almost nothing about what happens in the new season. Keeping things mysterious seems to be the order of the day with all these previews. Watch the clip above.

The promo begins with a shot of David, all awash with red, and the voice-over asking "What's the last thing you remember?" We then see a big bald guy meditating, but a jarring cut then shows us this is actually David. Does this mean David will again battle multiple identities in the new season? Season 1 ended with David vanquishing the Shadow King from his mind, but apparently there are still some more personalities lurking in his brain. In the comic books, David aka Legion did have lots of personalities, all of which controlled a different super power. Season 2 of Legion will in some ways get closer to the X-Men universe, by including some X-Men costumes and locations. And the Shadow King will still feature in season 2, with Saïd Taghmaoui cast as his alter ego Amahl Farouk.

Later in the promo, we see David apparently using his super powers. There's also an appearance from Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), telling David "No secrets." Syd may wish for an end to all the mystery, but it doesn't look like that's in the cards. For a little extra mind-bending effect, Legion season 2 begins with a big time jump. All we know for sure about Legion season 2 is that nothing will be as it seems. And Aubrey Plaza will probably do some really weird and crazy stuff.

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Legion returns to FX on Tuesday, April 3.

Source: FX Networks

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