FX’s Legion Adds An Extra Episode to Season 2

Dan Stevens as David in Legion season 2

FX's mind-bending Marvel series Legion has added an extra episode to season 2 and will now run for a total of 11 episodes. In the whole wide universe of Marvel-related TV and movie properties, there is nothing quite like Legion. Created by Noah Hawley (Fargo), the series centers on a mutant named David Haller (Dan Stevens) who spent his whole life thinking he suffered from schizophrenia until he found out a psychic parasite named the Shadow King had actually taken up residence in his mind.

The currently unfolding second season of Legion has featured an unleashed Shadow King kicking around the astral plane with David's old pal Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) while his physical body lies stashed in the basement of a monastery. David now wants to find that body, on the belief that an apocalyptic event will soon befall the world and only the reembodied Shadow King can stop it. But have evil forces (possibly played by Jon Hamm, whose voiceover narration has popped up mysteriously this season) actually duped David into doing their bidding?

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Legion season 2 was originally set to run for 10 episodes, but FX has now announced an 11th episode to air on June 12th, 2018. The episode entitled "Chapter 19" (all the eps have chapter numbers as titles) gets the brief synopsis: "In which David fights the future." Noah Hawley wrote the episode and Keith Gordon directed.

Navid Negahban as Farouk Amahl the Shadow King in Legion

After Legion season 1 set a very definite tone with its impressive visual and sound design and wild storyline weaving in out of different realities, season 2 has picked up the ball and run with it. Some would actually argue season 2 has taken that ball and carried it right off a cliff. As mind-bending as season 1 became, it now seems downright tame compared to the twisting maze of season 2, which has featured, among other things, a strange man with a basket on his head and androgynous androids with porn star mustaches. And "maze" is an apt word to use, as the show has literally included David entering other characters' minds and navigating the maze of their thoughts in order to save them from a strange tooth-chattering disease.

FX's new "Chapter 19" synopsis is also in keeping with another prominent aspect of season 2, namely the show's multiple timelines. David only learned about the coming apocalypse after visiting his girlfriend Syd (Rachel Keller) in the future, and finding out from her that he needs to reunite the Shadow King with his body. Of course, given the Shadow King's massive powers, it could turn out to be a very bad idea to put that particular puzzle back together. Fans have theorized that David himself could be the real threat and Future Syd actually implored him to give the Shadow King back his body because, in fact, they need the Shadow King to save them from David.

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However Legion season 2 works itself out, it now has an extra episode work with.

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