Legion: Who is the Guy with a Basket on His Head?

Admiral Fukuyama in Legion

Legion season 2 may be even weirder than the first season — an impressive feat best illustrated in the premiere by Admiral Fukuyama, the basket-wearing leader of Division 3. It's difficult to imagine any other show on television featuring such a bizarre character, but the unsettling faceless, voiceless commander surrounded by androgynous androids fits perfectly on Legion.

David returns after almost a year away to he discover that his friends now work for Division 3. He asks Ptonomy uncertainly, "Is there a guy with, like, a basket on his head?" Ptonomy explains that Admiral Fukuyama is the head of Division III and, therefore, their new boss. The Admiral wears the traditional garments of a Komusō, a Japanese monk known for covering their face with a basket helmet. For the Komusō, wearing this woven helmet that obscures their face was meant to symbolize the erasure of ego, but it simply makes the Admiral unsettling and inscrutable.

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The Admiral does not speak for themselves, instead using three robot translators, whom David describes as "women with mustaches." These robots take turns speaking for Fukuyama, who seems to instruct them telepathically. It is unclear if the Admiral needs the androids to speak, or even where the androids stop and the Admiral begins; Clark refers to the Admiral as a "they," and it is possible that all four figures make up the singular Admiral. When David thinks about reading the Admiral's mind, one of the androids responds that it isn't possible to read Fukuyama's mind, which strongly suggests that the Admiral has some sort of telepathic powers of their own.

Even if they are a telepath, however, Admiral Fukuyama is not necessarily a mutant. Fukuyama reveals in painful detail that they were hooked up to "the machine" when they were only a boy. As a result, the Admiral is a cyborg: "the machine that bleeds, the organizing principle." It's possible that the Admiral's basket helmet covers a grotesque combination of man and machine, making the faceless body all the more intimidating.

Division 3 is the "tip of the spear" against the mutant threat and one of the major antagonists from season one; as such, the alliance between Fukuyama and the mutants of Summerland is already fraught. The two groups have found a common enemy in the Shadow King, Amahl Farouk, but the Admiral's ruthless and deadly methods will inevitably cause a schism. When David is found unresponsive, Fukuyama orders him to be killed; if Cary and Kerry had not intervened, David would have died shortly after arriving at Division 3.  Fukuyama also makes it clear that they intend to destroy Farouk by any means necessary - even if it means killing Oliver in the process. Over the course of the second season, it seems likely that Fukuyama act as both an ally and adversary.

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Legion airs Tuesdays at 10pm on FX.

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