Legion Season 2 Promo: Aubrey Plaza Says Season 1 Wasn't Real

Aubrey Plaza Lenny Legion

Aubrey Plaza is here to talk about your delusions in the latest Legion season 2 promo. FX has been consistently striking gold with their original series over the years, and Noah Hawley's Legion was yet another win for the network. What's more, but it proved an X-Men TV show could work and that superhero TV can get truly weird. We've yet to see comic book movies or television deviate too far from action or adventure, but season 1 of Legion blended the genre with a psychedelic examination of mental illness. And the synopsis for season 2 of Legion teases things are only going to get headier.

Keeping track of what was real or fake in the first season of Legion was challenging enough, but Plaza's ever-changing Lenny/Shadow King made the task nearly impossible. Early on, questions arose about whether she was merely in David Haller's head, but she soon emerged as the big bad of the show. Plaza will be back in some capacity in season 2, even though Legion has a new Shadow King actor. As the new teaser for the return shows, however, Legion isn't bound by the traditional rules of casting.

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Aubrey Plaza posted a new promo for season 2 of Legion to her Twitter, showing her in the therapist guise she used towards the end of season 1. That came with one of the show's most outré scenes where Plaza enters into a cabaret-style dance number in the asylum from the pilot. And as the new video suggests, perhaps the story never really left that location—or maybe the whole show was just a shared delusion.

While Legion so far has stuck to making David question reality, season 2 may break the fourth wall for more of a meta narrative. It's worked in the comics for characters like Deadpool and Animal Man, and there's no reason Legion couldn't do something similar. The video may also hint that Plaza will be returning to her therapist character to further wind up the heroes of the show and cause them more trauma.

When last we saw 'Lenny', she and Oliver were heading off on a new adventure. We know Legion season 2 will have a time jump, so that should prove disorienting enough, but it will likely also pick up where things left off. David is trapped inside a mysterious orb and Oliver is once again separated from the team. Like Lenny and the Devil with Yellow Eyes served as the dual threats of season 1, it seems the new episodes will feature Plaza as one of the Shadow King's many visages. And as the new promo shows, season 2 of Legion won't make it any easier for audiences to gather their bearings.

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Legion season 2 premieres Monday, April 2 on FX.

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