How Legion Season 1's Finale Ended

Legion - David and Lenny

Between all of the hallucinations, dream realities, and the face-swapping villain, you could be forgiven for struggling to remember exactly what happened in Legion season 1, and how it all ended. The series is tangentially related to the X-Men franchise, and stars Dan Stevens as David Haller, an extremely powerful mutant afflicted with mental illness. In season 1, David escaped from Clockworks Hospital and taken to a place called Summerland - a secret mutant refuge out in the woods, run by a woman called Melanie Bird (Jean Smart).

David ended up falling in love with a fellow mutant, Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), who has the ability to temporarily switch bodies with people via skin contact. As he tried to come to terms with his powers, David was plagued by visions of his dead friend Lenny (Aubrey Plaza). Summerland resident Ptonomy Wallace (Jeremie Harris), a mutant with the ability to accompany people inside their own memories, began to do "memory work" with David - a form of therapy - but soon discovered something dark and terrible lurking under the surface of David's mind: a mutant called the Shadow King. Now that season 2 of Legion is right around the corner, here's a recap of where things left off.

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The Shadow King Possessed Oliver

Legion - Oliver and Lenny

Legion season 1 was mostly dedicated to identifying the dark force inside David, and trying to get rid of it. It was eventually discovered that the dark force was another mutant - an extremely powerful psychic called Amahl Farouk, also known as the Shadow King, who was defeated in battle by David's father. His soul survived the battle, and Farouk took possession of baby David, haunting him with vision throughout his childhood and eventually driving him to attempt suicide. Not understanding what was really going on, David's psychiatrists diagnosed him with schizophrenia.

In the season finale, Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin) attempted to remove Farouk from David's mind by force, but the mutant fought back and began killing David. Remembering that Farouk had told her he would only ever leave by choice, Syd ran into the room and kissed David, and Farouk took possession of her instead. The Shadow King then transferred himself into the body of Kerry Loudermilk (Amber Midthunder), who knocked out Ptonomy, Melanie, and Division 3 agent Clark (Hamish Linklater), before making a break for the exit. However, at that moment David arrived and the two engaged in a brief psychic battle that knocked Farouk out of Kerry's body... and right into the body of Melanie's husband, Oliver (Jemaine Clement).

While David was unconscious, Farouk and Oliver hurriedly got out of Summerland and drove away. "Where should we look first?" Oliver asked Farouk, who replied, "Someplace warm." Sure enough, in the mid-credits scene David used his psychic abilities to confirm that they were heading south, but before he could uncover any more details, something rather strange happened.

David Got Captured By a Mysterious Orb

Legion - David in the Orb

As David and Syd were stood out on a balcony in Summerland, they were approached by a strange floating mechanical orb. David wondered if it was one of Kerry's devices, while Syd joked, "I think it likes you." Unfortunately she was proven right, as the orb then scanned David's body before suddenly absorbing him, trapping him inside and then floating away while David screamed from within. It was a suitably weird end to a very weird season.

While we don't yet know exactly what the orb is, there's a good chance that it was sent by Division 3. Earlier in the episode, a Division 3 official gave the order to "send the Equinox" while watching the failed attempt to force Farouk out of David's body. When asked about the Equinox in an interview with Nerdist, Dan Stevens said, "If you stuck around for the end scene after the credits, maybe you have a sense of it" - more or less confirming that the orb is the Equinox. David will return in the first episode of season 2, but while to him it seems like he was only captured by the orb a day ago, it's actually been a whole year.

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Legion season 2 will premiere April 3 on FX.

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