Legion Season 1 Finale Promo: David Is a World Breaker

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[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Legion ahead.]


While it was clear from the beginning that a TV show all about Marvel's powerful schizophrenic, telepathic mutant, David Haller, was never going to provide viewers with necessarily the most straightforward or traditional story and narrative, no one could have predicted just what creator Noah Hawley, Fox, Marvel, and FX had up their sleeves with Legion. Basically every episode of the show's short first season has so far found a way to give viewers something unlike anything they'd seen before - not only in the comic book genre, but by traditional storytelling standards in general.

Last night's shocking penultimate episode only continued that pattern as well, with Syd (Rachel Keller), David (Dan Stevens), and the rest of the Summerland crew all coming together to fight The Shadow King (Aubrey Plaza) in a confrontation edited and shot like something out of a 1920s silent film. From the black and white color grading to the title cards appearing instead of dialogue, it managed to not only subvert expectations, but strangely make the sequence that much more tense and terrifying.

But the episode wasn't done there either, and even after David and his friends had returned home to a seemingly happy ending, Hawley and co. had one more shocking twist planned for the season - as The Interrogator (Hamish Linklater) and a whole lot of Division 3 soldiers arrived to capture David and kill everyone he loved. Like everything else with Legion, it was an unexpected end to a nail-biting hour, but luckily, the first promo for next week's season finale has been released. Suffice it to say, it doesn't look anything will go according to plan for The Interrogator. Check it out for yourself in the space above.

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The final moments of last night's episode made it fairly clear that The Interrogator and his friends won't be the only thing David has to worry about before season one comes to an end. As the final shot of the episode teased, The Shadow King had already begun breaking free of the mind coffin that David and Cary (Bill Irwin) had locked him in, which can only mean that fans might get to see at least one more confrontation between David and his own personal parasite; maybe even this time, just one-on-one.

Then again, it's somewhat impossible to know at this point. If there's anything Hawley and the other writers and directors on Legion have gone out of their way to do, it's been to provide an experience that's truly unpredictable. To say that they've succeeded thus far would be an understatement too, as Legion has already emerged as one of the most critically-acclaimed new shows of the year so far - raising the bar for other comic book adaptations on both film and television, mighty high.

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Legion season 1 concludes next Wednesday with ‘Chapter 8’ @10pm on FX.

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