Legion Finale Post-Credits Scene Released Online

Dan Stevens in Legion Season 1 Episode 8

It's a pretty good bet that most fans who tuned in for FX's extremely weird and visually imaginative superhero series Legion were planning to return for season 2, but that didn't stop creator and showrunner Noah Hawley from throwing in a little tease to whet fans' appetites in the form of a post-credits scene. Although it has almost been a week since season 1 came to a close, those eager to give the appropriately bizarre ending/season 2 teaser some heavy scrutiny can now do so to their hearts' content, as FX has made the scene available online.

The sequence came as quite a shock. The series' protagonist David Haller had seemingly gained full control over his enormous mutant capabilities and was now free from the parasitic entity known as the Shadow King. The victory was short lived, however, as David was captured by the X-Men equivalent of an autonomous pokéball while his ladylove Syd was left to stare nonplussed as one of the most powerful mutants on the planet slowly drifted away.

Though it rewarded fans who stuck around after the episode ended, the moment came out of left field nonetheless, sparking plenty of speculation in online threads and comment sections as to what or who grabbed David and why. It was the kind of tease that will have fans lining up to get answers when season 2 premieres, as anyone who wants David and is powerful enough to capture him, will likely be of great interest to those hoping for some high-profile X-Men characters to make an appearance. Those already starting the great speculation machine might be in for another surprise, though, as the show's creator has intimated that Legion season 2 won't necessarily be pulling from the comic books for its storylines.

Dan Stevens in Legion Season 1 Episode 8

Hawley hasn't been too forthcoming regarding answers as to who might be behind David's abduction either. Such a scenario potentially positions Legion season 2 a more straightforward mystery than fans were treated to in season 1. While that may be an appealing alternative to rehashing the hallucinogenic aspects of the series' early going, don't think that the post-credits scene won't spell trouble for David's recovery as well. As Hawley puts it, "If you keep the pressure on someone whose psychology has always been unstable, it’s going to keep him from being able to really [heal]." As such, more zaniness may well be on its way when the series returns.

Season 2 is a long ways off still, so there will be plenty of time for the internet braintrust to attempt to unlock the mystery of the floating, mutant-stealing sphere, and for the Legion writers' room to think up a way the series can zig when everyone else assumes it will zag.

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Legion season 2 is expected on FX in 2018.

Source: FX Networks

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