Legion Season 2 Casts Wonder Woman Actor As The Shadow King

Saïd Taghmaoui Cast as The Shadow King in Legion

Marvel and FX's Legion casts a new actor as Amahl Farouk/The Shadow King in its upcoming second season, who may be a familiar face to comic book movie fans. The villainous character, who first appeared in the X-Men comics as a powerful mutant with powers of possession, was introduced about midway through the show's first season. Able to disguise himself as multiple different forms, the parasitic entity was revealed to have been feeding off of the powers and fragile psyche of David Haller (Dan Stevens) ever since he was an infant, and only chose to reveal himself to David when he was becoming more aware and in control of his powers.

Most notably, The Shadow King took on the form of David's former mental hospital friend, Lenny Busker (played by Aubrey Plaza), and following the real Lenny's death in the hospital, pretended to be a comforting ghost to David. And perhaps more than any other aspect of Legion's first season, Plaza was praised for her committed and transformative performance as Lenny/The Shadow King, who emerged as one of the more memorable and terrifying live-action comic book villains in recent memory. But it looks like Lenny won't be the only form that viewers get to see The Shadow King taking in Legion's highly anticipated second season.

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Announced during the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel this afternoon, showrunner Noah Hawley (Fargo) has revealed that Wonder Woman star Saïd Taghmaoui will be joining the show's cast as Farouk. No other details were revealed about Taghmaoui's portrayal of the character, or where his particular version of The Shadow King comes from, though, it is possible that Taghmaoui was Farouk's original human form, before he latched onto David. It was also confirmed that both Plaza and Quinton Boisclair - who played the monstrous, grotesque version of the character - will be returning in their respective roles in the new season as well.

Featured Shadow King Legion David Haller

The first season finale of Legion left The Shadow King's fate in a bit of an ambiguous position, with the character latching onto the mind of Oliver Bird (Jemaine Clements), with the only hints of where the two characters would be heading being, "Someplace warm." Originally fans had assumed that Lenny/Farouk would be continuing their mission of vengeance against David's biological father, Professor X, but a recently released script page from the Legion season 2 premiere threw that assumption a bit out of whack.

But no matter where exactly Lenny and Oliver do go in the new season, it's clear that they'll find a few new faces along the way, with Taghmaoui marking an exciting new addition to what is already one of TV's most underrated ensembles. Fans most recently saw the actor in DC's Wonder Woman film, as Sameer - a member of Steve Trevor's band of old war buddies - and stood out as one of the film's more memorable supporting players. And depending on how much more Hawley and co. plan on delving into The Shadow King's past in the new season, Taghmaoui may just have yet another juicy role in a comic book adaptation on his hands here.

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Legion season 2 will premiere on FX sometime in 2018.

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