Legion: 10 Burning Questions We Have That Need To Be Answered In Season 3

Legion has returned to FX for it's final season and fans are excited to see what's in store for the most bizarre mutant programme on TV. The show that's known for its mind-bending visuals and strange characters has launched into Season 3, off the back of a climatic finale that left many audience members confused as to where the series could go next.

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Legion is fantastic at setting up questions that may never be answered and showing you clues in obscure and confusing ways. To completely understand the show you have to be paying attention, but sometimes there's some huge questions that just about everyone wants answered. So we're taking a look at 10 burning questions we want Season 3 to answer for us!

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The finale of Season 2 saw David's life get completely turned upside down as his friends and enemies alike turned on him, pronouncing him the real villain of the whole series. It was a shocking moment. With the many events in David's own life becoming so confused, it was difficult to see whether he was in the right or not, especially since some of the accusations against him hadn't even happened yet!

The turning point was when Syd accused him of sexual assault, demonstrating just how murky David's life had really become, as his grasp on reality started to slip. The final moments saw him break out of Division 3 and head to an unknown place. He protected himself as he fled and it seemed as if he had turned towards the dark, but is David really evil or is there more at play here?


Of course, there must be another explanation as to how quickly everyone turned on him. There seems to be something not quite right about how his friends reacted to the situation. Understanding how mentally unstable David is and how much help he actually needs, it felt strange that everyone would completely vilify him.

Not only this, but there may be more at play here than just David's own actions. Is it possible that Farouk has actually been manipulating the team the whole time and that David hasn't actually committed any of his own sins? He could even be affecting their perceptions of David. It seems strange that Division 3 is now suddenly aligned with the villain.


The events of Season 2 saw Ptonomy Wallace get killed in some way, with his mind becoming uploaded to a computer. This is aided by his mutant abilities but he is now trapped in a room that is a physical representation of the technology that now represses him. With his soul seemingly alive, can he ever be revived?

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There's a number of ways that Wallace could be brought back, all of which require some of the magic of the Legion universe. It is likely that Season 3 will answer this question in some way so that they can bring back Wallace into the fold.


It's been reported for a while that Professor X will be joining this version of the mutant universe to play a larger role in Season 3. He's been mentioned in the past but it's obvious how he will be introduced, as he is David's father. His own mutant powers are a heavy influence on his son's, as he seems to have inherited similar X genes.

However, it's unclear what role he will play in the larger story. Will he serve as a mentor of sorts, finally pointing David on the path of good, or will he perhaps be brought in to face his son head on?


One of the defining features of David in the comics is that he has multiple personalities and can conjure fictional characters that live in his head. We've seen this in the past, especially in Season 1, where the Shadow King took on many forms and manipulated David's perception of everything he saw.

Season 2 alluded to this far less, although there's still speculation that a lot of what is actually happening is inside David's head. There's speculation that the Shadow King could even be an extension of David!


This, of course, extends to Lenny, who has a strange part to play in David's life. Someone who started this journey alongside David, she quickly died and then was revived inside his mind by Farouk. She has since been a vessel for the Shadow King and now belongs in her own body again.

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This journey has raised many questions and the most prominent one is whether Lenny is real at all or in some ways just another one of David's creations. She's had a lot of interactions with the world around him, which suggests she isn't totally in his head, but she may never have been a real person that existed.


There's been a lot of huge changes in the series so far, some of which haven't felt that permanent. Multiple dimensions and time travel are two of the many reality-altering events that have been discussed in the show so far. There's some groundwork being put down here for the story to be completely reset.

Whether David has that kind of power is one thing, but how would the world be changed? If David did reset everything to the way he wanted it, would he go back in time or perhaps use some kind of mind control to convince everyone of a new reality? What about his sister, surely he would want to change her fate?


Every Marvel TV show and film that is inspired by the world of mutants usually deals with one huge issue: how does the world react to and feel about mutants? We know that this is a reality where mutants aren't trusted, as Division 3 is created to hunt them down and remove them.

Not only this, but we haven't seen a lot of the outside world. There are many characters who clearly support the mutants, but we don't know if they count among their number themselves. There's not really been much mention of regular citizens, with the only people we come across now being heavily steeped in the mutant world.


The last time we saw Oliver and Mel, they were reunited in the astral plane, where they were set to live out the rest of existence (as Oliver had done before). We've already seen that you can (in theory) return from this realm, though, so the question is: is there a possibility that the two lovebirds will find themselves back in the real world?

Their motives for that are weak at best. They're clearly very happy with where they are at now, so it will take someone else to drag them back into reality. They may be needed for a much larger purpose, though, or could even have the key to solving all the issues at hand, since they are some of the wisest mutants in the show.


The big reveal in Season 2 was that David is responsible for the end of the world in the future. This is what is really driving everyone to put an end to all the madness once and for all. But there are a couple of questions relating to this that we just have to know the answer to. Firstly, what is it that David actually does that could destroy the world?

More importantly, does David actually destroy the world at all or is this another fabrication from the Shadow King? At his heart though he wants peace and so it's difficult to believe that he will be responsible for so much death and destruction, unless he is tricked into it in some way.

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