Legion: Patrick Stewart Open to Reprising Professor X

Legion star Dan Stevens asks Patrick Stewart if he'll play his father, Professor X, on the show and gets an enthusiastic response.

Logan Final Trailer - Professor Xavier

The X-Men franchise is currently enjoying an unprecedented spotlight. While it's always done well at the box office, and recent films like Deadpool have reinvigorated Fox's superhero universe, it's never been lauded with universal critical praise. That all changed this year thanks to FX's Legion series and the final Wolverine movie, Logan. Both have been showered in positive reviews, from fans and critics alike. Logan is all set to make over $100 million domestically, especially impressive for an R-rated movie. Meanwhile, Legion continues to generate questions each week with its mind-bending and artistic approach to superhero TV.

Not only are we left wondering what Division 3 is and what's up with Lenny, but even a basic question like what is real and fake has plagued viewers. By nature, David Haller, aka Legion, is a man of complexities. He's got quite the complicated backstory, and his reality-bending powers make it difficult to discern whether he has a mental illness or just can't cope with his abilities. This has led to him creating multiple personalities, something the show has had a lot of fun with over the weeks. One of the more intriguing aspects of Haller's backstory is that he's the son of Professor Charles Xavier. It's been unclear how connected the show would be to the film universe, but it looks like a cameo by Patrick Stewart may be in the cards.

On The Late Late Show (via CBR), Stewart joined Legion star Dan Stevens, who's promoting his starring role in Beauty and the Beast. After discussing Stewart's bittersweet performance, host James Cordon asked about Stewart showing up on Legion. Stevens quickly chimed in, laying out the backstory and offering Stewart the part.

"Prof. X is David Haller’s father in the Marvel Universe. So, essentially, I’ve got a job offer for Patrick.”

Legion meets Professor Charles Xavier in New Mutants 28

Visibly excited, Stewart responded with "Absolutely! 100%" when asked about making a cameo on the show. While this is certainly not a confirmation, it does seem more possible now than ever. With both parties aware of the other's work and the word out there, it'd be up to the people behind the scenes to make it work. Still, Stewart's enthusiasm will certainly give fans hopes.

Despite Logan being a worthy send-off for Stewart's character, something the actor acknowledged during the interview, he may not be quite done with the role. He's said recently that he'd love to make an appearance in a Deadpool movie, something he reaffirms in the clip above. The issue with an appearance on Legion, of course, is no one quite knows when the show is set. If it's in the '60s, judging from the design and clothes, James McAvoy would be David's father, and a young one at that. Given how trippy the show is though, that's not likely to hold anything up. Logic aside, we'd love for Stewart to appear on the show in any form, so fingers crossed.

Legion continues tonight with ‘Chapter 5’ @ 10 pm on FX.

Source: The Late Late Show

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