Legion: Whose Body is That?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Legion season 2, episode 5: 'Chapter 13'


The end of last week's episode of Legion brought Lenny back to life − and this week, viewers learned how. At Division 3 headquarters, Lenny is questioned about her dead-defying reappearance by Clark, Ptonomy, and finally David himself. Each interrogator asks Lenny, who mysteriously has returned with blue eyes, with increasing horror: "Whose body is that?" Finally, it is revealed that the body is Amy's, David's older sister, who Farouk murdered and fashioned into a Lenny look-alike for Lenny's consciousness. With Legion's season halfway over and David bent on revenge, Legion seems to be hurtling toward a climactic and terrifying showdown.

Over the course of the episode, conversations with Lenny at Division 3 are interlaced with Farouk and Oliver traveling into the desert. At first, it seems that these events are happening concurrently, but at the end of the episode, it becomes clear that Farouk and Oliver have traveled to the desert not to find Farouk's body, but to find Lenny's new body, meaning that their narrative predates Lenny's arrival at Division 3. They have found the hidden location where David's sister and brother-in-law Steve are being guarded, and quickly kill off the guards and Steve. Then, using a tool that they retrieved when they broke into Division 3, Oliver/Farouk begins the process of transforming Amy's body to Lenny's body. "What are you doing?" Amy screams in pain, to which Oliver/Farouk responses nonchalantly, "Finding the sculpture in the stone." Amy is sculpted into Lenny, save for her blue eyes.

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Legion Amy Stairs

While Lenny likens Farouk to a god − something that Farouk is fond of doing himself − technology is necessary to transform Amy's body into Lenny's. It's possible that this technology is also necessary to recreate Farouk's body, which may be part of the reason why he stole it.

The final line of the episode, spoken by David psychically to a laughing Farouk is: "I'm coming for you." It seems that David is approaching the events that Future Syd warned him about. Future Syd told David, after all, that he would kill Farouk before the week was over, and that would lead to the dark future that she inhabits. Amy's death is the perfect catalyst to explain David murdering Farouk, especially given that David so often advocates for non-violence.

Amy hadn't appeared in the second season before this episode, but her death will still have incredible ripples through the show. David and Amy were incredibly close, and she loved him unconditionally through addiction and what they both believed to be mental illness. When she was in danger in season one, David recklessly went to save her, even though everyone advised him against it. Amy's violent death will doubtlessly have a lasting impact on David, and it is clear that he has Farouk in his crosshairs. Their showdown, despite Syd's warning, is inevitable.

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