Legion: David Haller's 15 Most Powerful Personalities

Legion is one of the most powerful mutants in the world. It's just a shame that he has to share his power with so many strangers

Legion X-Men fire

Life has been hard for David Haller. He is the son of Professor Charles Xavier, though the two were unaware of each other's existence for a long time. While his father was founding the X-Men, David was having a relatively normal childhood. This all changed when David was caught up in a terrorist attack in Paris. When he witnessed people being murdered, his latent mutant abilities activated for the first time. David massacred the terrorists, but at a great cost. His mind fractured into several distinct personalities, with each of them controlling one of his many mutant powers.

David Haller would go on to take the name Legion, as his mind is made up of numerous personas. His many aspects all have their own goals, desires, and abilities. We are here today to look into Legion's most powerful personalities. From the man who broke Legion in the first place, to the true master of David Haller's mind.

Here are Legion's 15 Most Powerful Personalities!

15 Jemail

Legion Jemail

The vast majority of Legion's personalities were spawned from the mind of David Haller. It is possible, however, for him to steal (or copy) the minds of others.

One of the first three personalities that emerged within Legion was a man named Jemail. He was the leader of the terrorist group that Legion killed as a child. Jemail's mind was imprinted onto David's, and he was given control over his telepathy. Jemail was dragged into the internal struggle to control Legion's mind and body. He would attempt to reunite the different aspects of Legion's mind into one, though he was opposed by the two other dominant personalities; Cyndi and Jack Wayne.

While it is doubtful that Legion/Jemail's telepathy was as strong as Charles Xavier's, we do know that it was strong enough to kill someone. Legion murdered Destiny of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants through the use of telepathy. He also killed Charles Xavier with a blade of psionic energy during the events of "Legion Quest".

14 762 (The Pirate)

Legion Acid Breath Attack

Professor Xavier has made several attempts at healing Legion's mind. When his own telepathy proved inadequate to the task, he turned to technology. Xavier created the "Nemesis Protocol". This was a helmet that allowed Legion to temporarily gain control of his personalities that controlled combat abilities.

At the end of the House of M event, around 99% of the world's mutant population lost their powers. It was up to the X-Men to protect the remaining mutants, as they had now become an endangered species. When Bastion learnt of this, he sent a force of Nimrod-class Sentinels to wipe out the last few mutants.

In desperation, Cyclops and Professor Xavier turned to Legion for help. Through the use of the Nemesis Protocol, they were able to access his 762nd personality. This one resembled a stereotypical depiction of a pirate. 762 gave Legion the ability to breathe acid. This acid was corrosive enough to destroy the Nimrods in one blast. This is no small feat, as a single Nimrod Sentinel has defeated the X-Men in the past.

13 Jack Wayne

Jack Wayne Legion

When Legion is first introduced, there is a civil war brewing within his psyche. Three prominent personalities were battling it out for control of Legion's body and mind. One of these three figures was a flamboyant man named Jack Wayne. The Jack Wayne personality was created wholesale from Legion's mind, unlike the Jemail persona who was once a real man.

The inspiration for Jack Wayne seems to have been old movie stars. He has made several attempts at overthrowing the other personalities within Legion throughout the years, in order to gain full control. Jack Wayne became such an issue that Magick was forced to kill him with her Soulsword. This turned out to be a temporary solution, however, as he would return later and cause more trouble.

Jack Wayne controlled Legion's ability to use telekinesis. This granted Legion the power to levitate, as well as create force fields. Jack Wayne has also been shown to use his powers to physically control the bodies of others, in a manner similar to psychokinesis.

12 Johnny Gomorrah

Legion's persona Johnny Gomorrah

Legion's unstable mind has caused him to be seen as a threat to the stability of the world. The ability to time-travel alone is not safe in his hands. The world was saved from The Age of Apocalypse once, but what happens if Legion tries to go back in time again?

There have been several attempts at controlling Legion's powers with technology. Along with the Nemesis Protocol, there was also the Neural Switchboard Wristband. This was a device created by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four and Madison Jeffries of Alpha Flight. It allowed Legion to access his range of powers, without succumbing to another personality.

When Legion was first testing the Neural Switchboard Wristband, he used the powers of his 186th personality. This was a being known as Johnny Gomorrah. While we learn nothing of Johnny's personality, we do discover the powers he controls. Johnny Gomorrah possesses the ability to transmute other substances into salt. This power works on both living tissue and solid objects.

11 Nazi Doctor

Legion Nazi Doctor

As a character who mainly shows up in X-Men related work, Legion tends to fight mutants a lot. He has come into conflict with the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants on many occasions since his introduction. There have also been mutant villains who have attempted to try and put Legion under their control, such as the Shadow King.

Luckily for Legion, he has a built-in protection against other X-Men characters. One of his personalities is known as the Nazi Doctor. The most useful trait possessed by the Doctor is the ability to disrupt the powers of other mutants. All Legion needs to do is touch another mutant, in order to stop their powers from manifesting for a brief period of time.

The Nazi Doctor also possesses the ability to affect the bodily functions of others. This has been used to temporarily incapacitate others, by messing with their neurological systems.

10 Cyndi

Cyndi New Mutants

The third member of Legion's original personalities was a girl named Cyndi. She is one of the many female personas within Legion's mind. Cyndi was shown to have an attraction towards Douglas Ramsey (Cypher of the New Mutants), but he did not share her affections.

During the original conflict within Legion's mind, Cyndi opposed Jemail's attempts at unifying all of the personalities into one. She fought for her own right to exist, even if it was at the expense of Legion's well-being. Cyndi fought against Jack Wayne and Jemail until Legion finally stopped the conflict and gained a measure of control over his psyche.

Cyndi possessed the power of pyrokinesis, allowing Legion to create and control flames. This is one of Legion's most commonly used powers. The limits of this power have never been fully explored, though it is known that Legion can control heat on a molecular level. He used this aspect of his power to escape being frozen by Iceman, during "Legion Quest".

9 The Wolfman

Legion Werewolf

Legion is extraordinarily difficult to kill. The one thing his many personalities have in common is a shared interest in staying alive. If Legion's body perishes, then they will go down with him. Luckily for Legion, there is one personality that can help him survive the most grievous of wounds. If someone gains the upper hand against Legion, then he can always transform into a Werewolf.

The Wolfman personality has an ability set that is similar to lycanthropy. He can transform Legion's body into that of a human/wolf hybrid. This form drastically increases Legion's physical strength, durability and speed. The resilience of his wolf form allows him to survive almost any wound. The Wolfman also grants Legion the power of regeneration. This acts as a healing factor that is superior to that of Wolverine or Deadpool. The existence of the Wolfman form allows Legion to survive most conflicts. This is also one of the reasons that he hasn't been killed, in order to remove a potentially dangerous mutant from the world.

8 Zero G. Priestly

Legion Zero G

The ability to control gravity is one of the best powers a superhero (or villain) can possess. You could crush someone in seconds, or send them flying into the void of space. It is likely due to this overpowered nature, that we very rarely see gravity controlling characters in comic books. The exception to this is manga, where gravity control is actually quite common, such as with Blackbeard from One Piece, or Pain from Naruto.

Legion possesses the ability to control gravity, through the use of a personality called Zero G. Priestly. This personality is shown to be fully under Legion's control and has not attempted to take over his body. Legion used Zero G's power to defeat Magneto, as he controlled the gravity on his helmet, forcing it off his head. This left Magneto open to a telepathic assault. If Legion had used this power in a more direct fashion, then he could have easily killed Magneto where he stood.

7 Chain

Legion's persona Chain

It has been established that it is possible for characters to travel between alternate realities within the Marvel multiverse. This was the premise of the X-Men spinoff series, Exiles. It was about a team of time-displaced superheroes, who were formed in order to deal with problems in one reality that may affect others. As such, characters from one reality can migrate to the main Marvel universe. These include X-Man and Blink from The Age of Apocalypse and the denizens of the Ultimate universe.

In the Age of X universe, all of Legion's different personalities had their own bodies. When the universe reverted to normal, several of these personalities retained their bodies. One of these was named Chain, who fled to London in order to escape being returned to Legion's mind.

Chain possesses the ability to copy his body onto other people, like a virus. If Chain touches someone, then they will temporarily turn into a clone of him. These copies also possess a weapon that was created by Chain. This power gives Chain the ability to create his own army of loyal followers. If it weren't for the X-Men and Legion tracking him down, there is no telling how much damage he could have done.

6 Findle The Finder

Legion Findle the Finder

The ability to track someone would actually be very useful in the world of Marvel comics. So many supervillains rely on secret bases and hideouts, from which they can plan their next move. A character with the power to know where someone is at any time would be one of the most useful superheroes in the world.

Legion possesses the ability to locate an individual (or group) within a radius of light years. He used this to track down the Dire Wraiths, who live in another part of the universe. Legion can do this, due to the ability of a personality known as Findle the Finder. With Findle's ability, Legion can track down anyone in the galaxy within moments.

Findle the Finder resembles a stereotypical depiction of a goblin, with green skin and pointed extremities. Not much is known about the personality of this persona, as Legion subjugated him without too much trouble.

5 The Origamist

Legion's persona Origamist

Legion did not have immediate access to all of his personalities and powers from the start. This is most likely due to the overbearing presence of Jemail, Jack Wayne and Cyndi within his mind. Once they were dealt with, more powerful abilities became accessible to Legion. It was at this point that he went from being a dangerous supervillain to a cosmic-level threat.

One of the most useful abilities that Legion gained was the ability to teleport. This is accomplished through folding space. When Legion uses this power, he can travel across the universe in an instant. There doesn't seem to be any limit to the distance he can travel, nor does he require prior knowledge of the location.

Legion's teleportation ability is provided by a personality known as The Origamist. The name is a reference to Origami, which is the art of paper folding. The Origamist resembles a large sumo wrestler, which is most likely as reference to Origami's Japanese origins.

4 Styx

Legion Styx

When six of Legion's personalities gained physical form, following the events of Age of X, they immediately fled to Europe. The most dangerous of these personalities was an undead monster named Styx. Once he had made his way to Paris, Styx started a plan that would lead to him becoming a god. He intended to steal one of Legion's personalities that possessed the ability to manipulate reality.

The X-Men pursued Styx to France, where they intended to return him to Legion's mind. Styx kidnapped Professor Xavier and used him as bait for a trap. He did not realize he was being led into a trap that was made for him. Legion used Chain's ability to make Rogue look like him. When she was close enough, Rogue was able to weaken Styx, to the point where he could be returned to Legion.

Styx possessed numerous abilities, such as telepathy and the creation of illusions. His most powerful ability is his soul stealing touch. Styx can absorb the minds and souls of his enemies through physical contact. This also allows him to control their bodies, in order to make them into his zombie servants. The X-Men managed to deal with him quickly before another Marvel Zombies could happen.

3 Time Sink

Legion Time Sink

The reason Styx was so dangerous was due to his plan to achieve godhood. While his soul stealing ability was fearsome, it pails in comparison to one of the other escapees from Legion's mind. The X-Men travelled to Tenerife, in pursuit of Legion's most deadly personality - Time Sink.

Time Sink has the power to manipulate time. This can be used in several different ways. Time Sink can create portals across time, though it is dangerous for those making the journey, as Legion and the X-Men lost their memories when they went back for the first time. Time Sink can speed up or slow down time with a gesture. He can also witness events in the future, in order to protect himself from attacks.

It is due to Time Sink's ability that Legion was able to create the Age of Apocalypse reality. Legion travelled to Isreal and went back in time, in order to try and assassinate a young Magneto. One of the limitations of this ability was that Legion needed to travel to the location in which he intended to visit in the past. This was before Legion learned that he could teleport.

2 Moira Kinross

Legion's persona Moira Kinross

When Legion was a boy, he was sent into a catatonic state after surviving the terrorist attack in Paris. His mother sent him to the facility on Muir Island, where he was put under the care of Moira MacTaggert. In some ways, Moira became the most important person in Legion's life, as she spent years trying to help him. It is for this reason that one of Legion's personalities took on her form, becoming Moira Kinross.

Moira Kinross possessed the ability to rewrite existence itself. She used this power to create the Age of X reality. This was a version of Earth where mutants fought against humans in an endless war. Legion was considered a hero among the mutants of this reality, and many of his old personalities were given physical forms of their own. When Legion discovered the truth of the world, he absorbed Moira back into his psyche, in order to return reality to normal. He made the choice to restore reality to a more peaceful world, even if it meant losing control of his mind once more.

1 David Haller

Legion saving kids

There have been instances in the X-Men comics where David Haller has briefly regained control over his mind. It is at these moments that he is at his most powerful... and most dangerous.

The most famous instance of Legion regaining control happened after the Muir Island Saga. He had fallen into a coma after being controlled by the Shadow King. When Legion awoke, he was in control over his mind and his powers for the first time. He had come to the conclusion that he needed to go back into the past and kill Magneto before he could ruin Professor Xavier's dream.

Legion travelled back in time, to the point when Xavier and Magneto were friends in Israel. A team of X-Men followed Legion, in order to stop his crazy plan. As Legion was in full control of his powers, he easily managed to defeat the X-Men and the younger versions of Charles Xavier & Magneto in battle. Legion accidentally created the Age of Apocalypse reality, when he murdered his own father instead of Magneto.

The fact that Legion's vast array of powers is limited by different personalities, each with their own goals and neuroses, is what keeps him in check. Should David Haller regain control over his mind and powers again, then there is nothing that can stand in his way.


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