Legion's David Haller is Getting a New Comic Book Series in 2018

Legion - David Haller in the show and comic

David Haller is returning to Marvel Comics with a new Legion series set for next year. When word broke that Fox was finally bringing the X-Men to live-action TV, anticipation was mixed. After all, it wasn't as if the big names from the X-Men films would be showing up anytime. So far, however, the results have been quite positive. After FOX axed Hellfire in favor of The Gifted, the week's premiere of the new series has been critically strong. And earlier this year, Legion season 1 was very much a critical darling.

Legion always seemed like the tougher sell, as its protagonist is relatively obscure and his powers are built around mind-bending personalities that he has in his head. However, under the guidance of Noah Hawley, Legion was turned into an audacious TV experiment lauded by critics. Next season, the show will dive even deeper into protagonist David Haller's many personas - and along the new episodes, Marvel is bringing the character back to the comics.

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Marvel has confirmed that a new Legion comic book series will debut in 2018. No specifics have been given on the title yet, including who will be working on it. The first cover, however, was released (see below), though the artist responsible for the artwork has yet to be revealed.

Despite the changes made to the character for the TV show, the new Legion cover keeps David's unique hair and outfit intact. Of course, we have heard that more classic costumes will appear in season 2 of the show, so perhaps Dan Stevens will begin looking more like his comic book counterpart in the near future.

There's no word yet on how much the retooling of the David Haller character for the Legion TV show will be reflected in these new comics. While Legion's apparent death in X-Men: Legacy a few years back was never likely to stick, it's still hard to imagine the character getting his own book without the success of the TV series. Marvel regularly uses films and TV shows to launch new comic book series based on the same properties, so this news about a Legion comic series doesn't come as a huge surprise. Considering how often the MCU has shaped comic book characters, expect elements from the Legion TV show to likewise factor into the story on the page.

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Legion season 2 and the new comic book series will both arrive in 2018.

Source: Marvel (via CBR)

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