Legion Gets New Comic Book-Style Poster at NYCC

David Haller Legion TV Series

FX's upcoming Legion TV series has quickly emerged as one of the more interesting and unique additions to the comic book genre over the past few months, thanks to its trippy teaser trailer and some stacked creative talent involved both in front of and behind the camera. Coming from showrunner Noah Hawley (Fargo), the series stars Dan Stevens as David Haller, one of the most powerful mutants that has received the onscreen treatment; though the full potential of his abilities always seems to be halted, due to Haller's schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder.

It's been an exciting couple of days for fans who are looking forward to the series as well, after Jeph Loeb hinted that it could be the first step between Marvel and Fox bridging the gap between their cinematic universes, and the recent addition of Jemaine Clement to the cast. The series has received some brand new New York Comic-Con exclusive poster artwork, too.

The artwork in question was revealed online by CBM and features Haller and a number of the series' other leading characters, all drawn with a comic book-style twist. All of the characters seem to be floating around or above Haller's head in the artwork too, adding to the character's sense of paranoia and the show's blurred lines between fantasy and reality. Check it out below:

Legion NYCC poster artwork

Notably, a majority of the uncertainty surrounding the series has been eliminated this past weekend at NYCC. In addition to Loeb's exciting comments about Legion's place in both the Marvel and Fox cinematic universes, the creative team behind the series also confirmed once and for all that Haller on the series will be Professor Charles Xavier's son, one of his more defining traits from the comic books. All of this adds up to Legion being something that not only seems new and exciting from a creative standpoint alone, but looks to be a faithful adaptation of the comic book character as well.

The show's marketing in general highlights what we can expect from the new series - one that doesn't seem to be losing any of the zaniness or crazy edge that the title character is associated with in the comics. If there's anything that Hawley has proven with Fargo, it's his ability to deliver quality television for viewers; and with Legion appearing on the same network as Fargo, there's no denying the clear promise that Legion has on paper alone. From what's been released of it so far as well though, it looks like the newest X-Men TV series will at the very least, be unlike any comic book TV show we've seen yet.

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Legion is set to premiere on FX in early 2017.

Source: CBM

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