New 'Legion' Clip and TV Spot

Legion is an upcoming action/supernatural horror film starring Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid. The film centers around a diner full of people who attempt to fight off an apocalyptic army of angels sent by God to destroy humanity. That's a pretty bold plot and from what we've seen so far it looks pretty badass.

Today we have a couple of more looks at Legion by way of a new clip, courtesy of Yahoo (via Coming Soon), and the first TV spot courtesy of Shock Till You Drop.

The clip is the more interesting of the two, featuring a kick-ass fight between Bettany and no-messing angel Gabriel, played by Kevin Durand. The TV spot is standard fare but worth a look anyway for those anticipating the movie.

Here is both the clip and the TV spot below. Enjoy:

It's not long to go before Legion hits our screens and for some reason, even with the trailers, posters and clips we've seen over the last months, it seems like it's crept up out of nowhere. I've really dug what I've seen so far, from the quite extreme shocks (particularly the "grandma diner scene" we saw a clip of last month) to the kick-ass fighting between the angels (as can be seen in the clip above). Truthfully though, this film had me at vengeful angels!

What do you make of the latest clip and TV spot for Legion? Is it a movie you're highly anticipating?

Legion hits U.S. theaters this month, on January 22nd. It doesn't hit UK screens until March 5th.

Sources: Yahoo, ShockTillYouDrop and ComingSoon

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